Guest Post: Brent Abell

Two Minds: One World

Brent Abell


Armand Rosamilia’s Dying Days series is a staple of the zombie fiction genre. What started as an extreme series has turned into an excellent bit of genre art. The adventures of Darlene Bobich and the rest of the cast have been captivating readers for years and the journey came to a close in November with the release of Dying Days 9. The world of the undead in Florida is rich and vast. Armand crafted a place where we felt a connection to his characters and to their suffering. We cheered them on in their victories and cried with them in their defeats. The books were an escape from our world and have provided many readers hours of good old apocalyptic fun.

But now, it is all come to a close.

First, I want you to imagine a little background music and a voice over for you in your head. If you so choose, you can pick Morgan Freeman (if you’ve read the Hellmouth Trilogy by Armand, Jack Wallen, Jay Wilburn, and myself; you’d understand) or anyone else you want. I owe a debt of gratitude to Armand. He published my first story and his press also did the same with the first print of my first novella, In Memoriam. In the process, we became friends and have worked on other projects together. I am blessed to be able to call him a friend.

Since Armand was familiar with my work, he asked me if I wanted to write a story for an anthology he was putting together set in his Dying Days universe. I quickly set to work and created a tale about George and Harry as they went to check out an amusement park in Orlando. They find themselves in a fiefdom run by a maniac and his small circle of stooges. The fun in the amusement park is a labyrinth where people must entertain the peasants and Rendell, the ruler of the fiefdom.

The story ended, but the characters spoke to me.

George will never have the full story Darlene has, but I wanted to flesh him out. In the original story, The Happiest Kingdom on Earth, we get a little bit of the dynamic between George and Harry. When I sat back and thought about it, I realized there was more to their relationship then I had time to examine in the short story.

And thus, Dying Days: Death Sentence was born.

The book was born out of a love for the world Armand created and a passion for the characters I created to play in that world. It was also born out of a respect two minds have for each other as authors and friends. I never would have approached Armand about using my Dying Days characters in a book if I didn’t think it was needed.

And at first, I wanted to tell the story apart from the Dying Days universe.

Armand politely disagreed.

He thought I should keep it in the cannon and expand from there. It meant a lot that an author who I respected as a publisher and a fellow author would put their trust in me to expand their world. When I was finished and he approved my vision, I knew I overcame my own doubts. This was not an easy process. I know Armand has a great group of readers who make up his fan base and I hope they accept and enjoy my entry into the world they enjoy. I left most of the mythology out of the first story and gave a few nods to things in the novel, but if the series on my end expands, it will tie closer to the one world.

I want to say a thank you to Armand for the chance to do this and to speak to you here in this forum. When you read the adventures of George, Harry, Nora, Frank, Greg, and Todd; I hope you feel for them and welcome them into the universe you know and love. There are more adventures awaiting the crew and once you wipe the tears away, we can pack our gear and head north. Not everything bad happened in Florida and we have plenty to explore together.

The book is available on Amazon right now. So, pick it up and have some good zombie holiday reading.

Thank you very much,


Guest Post: Mike Evans #WinterofZombie

zombies and chainsaws


By Mike Evans


Do you think that it would be harder or easier to survive as the apocalypse went and went? I know some of you are saying, Christ as time goes by resources available would be so much harder to come by. But what I think is that it would get easier, given the zombies you are dealing with are like the rotting decaying type. My friend Rosa threw out this idea and I totally have never thought of this which makes me somewhat want to punch myself in the face, but in my defense I’ve never seen the point brought up in a book either which is nice.

Think of this, if you are like me you’ve probably never missed any of The Walking Dead series. Like me you’ve seen that originally they were plump or more fit looking zombies, with much nicer clothes as well. Remember and this has nothing to do with any of the rest of the article, make sure you dress in something you like because if you become a zombie you’re going to be wearing that shit for the rest of your existence. Anyways to the point. They get skinnier, they seem to get a bit slower in my opinion and one other thing that you would think is that overtime is would their senses and eye sight get worse overtime? I mean eventually would they be able to smell us, would they pick up on our blood trail? Would they be able to see us walking across the street or would their eyes rot out and they’d be blind and not be able to basically find anything? If that is my apocalypse then sign me up! Go underground for as long as you need to and then from there you are on easy street my friend.

The other thing that is hard to think about but makes sense is the fact that they are always hungry. This seems to be the only thing that their brain still does correctly. They don’t seem to feel pain, they don’t seem to be sad, depressed, motivated. They simply just know one thing and that is that they want to eat and they want to do it all the time. So even though that part might be working over time I would have to wonder, do they eventually stop caring about eating as well and starve themselves, can they starve? I hope so but oh the questions and debates one could have on this topic.

I know not having to fear for your life at every waking moment is something that would be horribly bad but if you think of it, do you want to spend a lifetime scared or secure in the fact that they are to deaf to hear you being noisy or to blind to see you walking around in broad daylight. The idea of them being able to see me and having to wait till nightfall when my chances of seeing them greatly increases does not make me want to sleep peacefully my friend. So give me the slow, give me the deaf, give me the blind and then give me a baseball bat and a bottle of booze because I’d happily go around cleaning up town knowing that they don’t stand a chance in hell!


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Mike Evans lives in Iowa with his wife and children. He writes for character depth because he wishes for you to love the character, regardless if they are the villain or the hero. He likes to write from a unique perspective, doing things with books that no one has done before. He keeps his characters realistic, there are no superhero like events that will happen. There are no perfect characters in his books, everyone has their flaws much like that of life.

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Guest Post: Jay Wilburn #WinterofZombie

Dead Song Book 2 front cover

Winter of Zombie 2015

Write What a Better Version of You Would like

by Jay Wilburn


Writing advice is everywhere. Most of it only works part of the time even if it is good. A lot of it isn’t good. When it is good, there is no sure fire way to know when the rules are supposed to be broken. You’re supposed to guess and either you will be seen as a genius for knowing when to break the rules or you will be the example for why the rules should be followed. You are told to write what you love. We are advised to write what we know. We are encouraged to expand our horizons by some or to find our niche by others. I would suggest that maybe you should strive to write what a better version of yourself would like.

The idea would not be to write for what a more pertinacious version of you would like. You can write high literary, but this doesn’t mean to apply flowery language to try to make a story more high-minded than it actually is. This does not mean to tackle the genre that you think the crowd would enjoy. These are the things we do when we get up inside our heads and try to write for acceptance in whatever form we happen to be seeking it. This is what we do when we are trying to appear better than we think we are while feeling that we are far worse than we actually are. In the process of trying to be this person, we lose the things about our writing that indicated we had potential to begin with.

When I say to write what a better version of you would like, I mean to try to write for the audience of you without the hang-ups and self doubt. What would that writer create without the fear of what the rule makers would think of the product? If you were writing for a version of yourself that was not second guessing your choices, what would that story look like? Which directions would those characters turn if they weren’t being held back by the author’s nagging doubts? I would have to imagine those stories written by that version of the author would be quite interesting to say the least.

We almost can’t be that version of the author entirely. The longer we write the more we become aware of our bad habits that require adjustments. We probably should make those changes to produce better work. The weight of all of those checklists of our shortcomings and bad habits will add up over time. There is a net effect that will sometimes stifle the work instead of being integrated into our styles seamlessly. There are trade offs to giving up that raw, unfettered writer that worked for the passion of it at the beginning. The better version of us would hold on to the edge while constructing a better sentence and action scene too.

We make choices about our writing career based on the self doubts of that burdened version of ourselves we become. This is the writer that makes choices we sometimes look back on and regret. This is the guy that stops writing about zombies not because he thinks he is meant to, but because he feels like that’s what real responsible writers would do. Moving into other areas of writing is not necessarily the wrong choice, but doing it because the self conscious voices in our heads advise it probably is the wrong motivation. When we sit down to write, we should try to access that unfettered version of ourselves even just for a little while.



Dead Song Legend Dodecology Book 1: January from Milwaukee to Muscle Shoals

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Dead Song Legend Dodecology Book 2: February from Vicksburg to Cherokee

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Check out the first soundtrack to the series, The Sound May Suffer: Music from the Dead Song  here è

or on Spotify. The hard CD is also available on Amazon.



Author Jay Wilburn

Jay Wilburn lives with his wife and two sons in Conway, South Carolina near the Atlantic coast of the southern United States. He has a Masters Degree in education and he taught public school for sixteen years before becoming a full time writer. He is the author of many short stories including work in Best Horror of the Year volume 5, Zombies More Recent Dead, Shadows Over Mainstreet, and Truth or Dare. He is the author of the Dead Song Legend Dodecology and the music of the five song soundtrack recorded as if by the characters within the world of the novel The Sound May Suffer. He also wrote the novels Loose Ends and Time Eaters. He is one of the four authors behind the Hellmouth trilogy. Jay Wilburn is a regular columnist with Dark Moon Digest. Follow his many dark thoughts on Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope as @AmongTheZombies, his Facebook author page, and at

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Teaser: Greg P Ferrell #WinterofZombie


Hope looked out into the raining darkness and was amazed by how completely dark it really was.  Except when lightning flashed, there was almost a feeling that the world completely vanished a mere two feet from the edge of the tower wall.

“Man, I didn’t think it would be this bad out here tonight,” Hope said to her watch partner Rico.

“I don’t know how you talked me into this,” said Rico.  “I need my head examined being out here with you.  If the rain and wind don’t do me in, your dad is going to throw me to the slabs if he was as mad as you said he was.”

“Don’t worry about my dad.  He likes to talk tough, but he won’t do anything to you.  I’m 18, and he’s got to let me grow up eventually, whether he wants to admit it or not.  Besides, it’s not like we’re doing anything wrong up here,” Hope said to calm Rico down.

“Yeah, I know.  “But it’s just your dad has an aura about him that it wouldn’t take much to set him off when it comes to you three.  And I don’t want to be on the receiving end of whatever he decides to do to me if anything happens to you.  I mean he’s a big dude; and to be completely honest, he scares the crap out of me,” Rico said a little wearily.

“Well, if we’re being honest, I wouldn’t worry about my dad so much as Uncle Ron and Uncle David.  They do all his dirty work for him when it comes to guys around me.  You remember me telling you about Tony who was chasing after me for months?  Well when dad introduced him to David and Ron one night they stepped outside with him and he left shortly after and never called me again.  In fact, two weeks later, he withdrew from school; and nobody’s seen him since.”  Hope finished and waited until Rico turned almost pale as he soaked in what she just said.  Suddenly, she started to laugh at Rico when she realized that he believed her.  “I’m just kidding. You need to relax a little,” she said as she punched him in the arm.

“That was not funny, especially after I just admitted to being terrified of your dad,” Rico replied while letting out a slight sigh of relief.

“Shut up,” Hope said.

“I’m just saying . . .” Rico tried to respond as Hope’s hand cupped over his mouth.

“No.  Shut up and listen,” she whispered to him as she pointed out into the darkness.  “Something was out there.”

The two listened intently trying to hear through the pouring rain and the howling wind.  At first there was nothing to be heard.  “There. Did you hear that?” Hope whispered to Rico.

“I’m not hearing anything. You sure it’s not just the wind?”  Rico responded.

“It’s down at the base of the wall right in front of us.  Hand me the light,” Hope said as she snatched the flashlight from Rico.  She shined the light over the edge of the tower.  But from the angle of where she was at, she couldn’t see the location of the noise.

“I’m going down to ground level to see what I can find,” she said as she headed down the ladder.

Rico decided to follow, and after a few slippery steps down the ladder, he was on the ground with her.  Hope was standing directly in front of the watch tower at the wall trying to peer through the holes in the wall out into the darkness beyond.

“You see anything?” Rico asked.

“Nope, just keep quiet and listen,” Hope instructed.  “Oh, and watch your step.  There’s a huge stream of water between us.  I just stepped into it, and water flowed over the top of my boots.”

Suddenly, the noise which was quite muffled from up in the tower, reappeared.  It’s was as if something was rubbing up on the wall, like the sound of a limb or bush brushing against a house in a slight breeze.

“There. Did you hear it that time?” Hope asked as she peered through the hole again in the direction toward the sound.

“Yeah, it just sounds like something has blown up against the tin on the other side of the wall,” Rico replied with a little bit of relief.  “You see anything?” he asked.

But just as he finished, Hope lets out a startled scream.

“What’s wrong?” he blurted out.

He found Hope trying to leap back from the wall.  But instead, she fell straight down.  She landed flat into the stream of water flowing behind her and, immediately, became submerged over her head.  Rico threw down his gear and lunged forward to grab her and lift her out of the water.  Hope exploded out of the water spitting and choking, but managed to get out a phrase. “My foot!  It’s got my foot!” she screamed.

Rico looked down toward her foot, which was submerged into the stream at the edge of the wall.  He leaped over and started to extract it from the water.  But her foot was not the only thing that came out of the flowing stream.  A badly decomposed hand, also, came up with it.  He reached down and yanked her foot free of the hand and pulled Hope back to safety.

As the two fell backward to a safe distance, they both looked to the location of the hand and watched as the rest of the body started to wiggle and emerge from the ground.  The small stream of escaping water had created a washout under the wall and a slab had found the hole.  As the muddy rain washed away the mud from its eyes and face, the slab recognized the two targets in front of it as food.  Suddenly, it exploded out of the hole the rest of the way and in a flash; it clamped its teeth onto a some part of Hope’s leg.

Continued in Humanity’s Hope: Camp H

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