“Dying Days” Series in #KindleUnlimited


Yes, you heard that right… or read it. Whatever.

I’m slowly pulling all of the Dying Days zombie books (and the rest of my releases as well) and putting them all into one basket. The Amazon basket. 

I’ve been crunching the numbers over the last year and gauging whether or not it would be a good idea. I’ve slowly experimented with other books and projected the missed sales vs. Amazon sales and more importantly the page read money thanks to Kindle Unlimited. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t even close. 

The extra sales I pick up having the books in Amazon exclusively more than outweighs the convenience of the other platforms… and let’s be brutally honest here… I wasn’t paying many bills thanks to any of those sales in B&N, Kobo, Smashords and the other half dozen platforms combined

In fact, based on my research, I’ll not only have more money in my pocket (kinda important since I write full-time) but also because it helps me to build my readership as well. The very few people who complained they only read on their Nook? I’m sorry. You know you can get the Amazon app, though, right?

There are a couple-three Dying Days books I’m updating right now but as soon as they are done they will also join the rest in Kindle Unlimited. 

For your convenience:

Dying Days eBooks in Kindle Unlimited


Armand Rosamilia

2 thoughts on ““Dying Days” Series in #KindleUnlimited

  1. Makes sense. I recently did the same thing. When I have a free promotion I post it to my blog and offer anyone to email me if they need an EPUB or PDF file. That way I can cover the few who may not be using Amazon by now. Hate to give Amazon so much power, but they really know what they are doing.


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