Guest Post: Mike Evans #WinterofZombie

zombies and chainsaws


By Mike Evans


Do you think that it would be harder or easier to survive as the apocalypse went and went? I know some of you are saying, Christ as time goes by resources available would be so much harder to come by. But what I think is that it would get easier, given the zombies you are dealing with are like the rotting decaying type. My friend Rosa threw out this idea and I totally have never thought of this which makes me somewhat want to punch myself in the face, but in my defense I’ve never seen the point brought up in a book either which is nice.

Think of this, if you are like me you’ve probably never missed any of The Walking Dead series. Like me you’ve seen that originally they were plump or more fit looking zombies, with much nicer clothes as well. Remember and this has nothing to do with any of the rest of the article, make sure you dress in something you like because if you become a zombie you’re going to be wearing that shit for the rest of your existence. Anyways to the point. They get skinnier, they seem to get a bit slower in my opinion and one other thing that you would think is that overtime is would their senses and eye sight get worse overtime? I mean eventually would they be able to smell us, would they pick up on our blood trail? Would they be able to see us walking across the street or would their eyes rot out and they’d be blind and not be able to basically find anything? If that is my apocalypse then sign me up! Go underground for as long as you need to and then from there you are on easy street my friend.

The other thing that is hard to think about but makes sense is the fact that they are always hungry. This seems to be the only thing that their brain still does correctly. They don’t seem to feel pain, they don’t seem to be sad, depressed, motivated. They simply just know one thing and that is that they want to eat and they want to do it all the time. So even though that part might be working over time I would have to wonder, do they eventually stop caring about eating as well and starve themselves, can they starve? I hope so but oh the questions and debates one could have on this topic.

I know not having to fear for your life at every waking moment is something that would be horribly bad but if you think of it, do you want to spend a lifetime scared or secure in the fact that they are to deaf to hear you being noisy or to blind to see you walking around in broad daylight. The idea of them being able to see me and having to wait till nightfall when my chances of seeing them greatly increases does not make me want to sleep peacefully my friend. So give me the slow, give me the deaf, give me the blind and then give me a baseball bat and a bottle of booze because I’d happily go around cleaning up town knowing that they don’t stand a chance in hell!


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Mike Evans lives in Iowa with his wife and children. He writes for character depth because he wishes for you to love the character, regardless if they are the villain or the hero. He likes to write from a unique perspective, doing things with books that no one has done before. He keeps his characters realistic, there are no superhero like events that will happen. There are no perfect characters in his books, everyone has their flaws much like that of life.

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