Teaser: Derek Ailes #WinterofZombie


  Zombie Twister from Zombie Command: A Horror Anthology

“Jeremy, we found a video camera in the back of the Garland,” the sheriff said.

“Good, maybe we’ll get a clue to what happened out here,” Detective Jeremy Riggs said.

Jeremy looked at the modified truck called the Garland with intrigue.  The four door truck had been modified to look like a tank and was supposed to withstand the force of at least an EF4 tornado.  The crew from the Garland was missing just like the inhabitants of the small town of Gleeson, five miles down the road.  An EF5 tornado had recently havocked the city of Wichita, Kansas, a few hours prior, leaving massive devastation in its path.  Whole towns were obliterated by the storm.  Gleeson was the exception.  The town was still standing but the inhabitants were gone.  Something else was responsible besides the tornado.  He was hoping whatever the crew recorded from the Garland, would give them some sort of clue.  Maybe they caught something on tape.

“Jeremy, we found a body.  You have to see this to believe it,” Sheriff Charles Santino said, almost out of breath.

He followed Charles out into the corn field where a couple of deputies were hunched over a body.  He looked at the body with disgust.  Something had ripped the body to shreds.  It looked like the work of a large hungry animal.

“Get the coroner here right away,” Jeremy ordered.

“Might take a while.  Phone lines are down.  The tornado did major damage to the cell tower,” Sheriff Santino said.

“Be on guard.  Whatever did this to him may still be nearby,” Jeremy said.

“A coyote?” Charles Santino asked

“Perhaps,” Jeremy said, looking at the body closely.  “I don’t see animal bites.  These bite marks look human.”

“A human did this?” Charles asked in shock.

“Won’t know for sure until an autopsy is performed.”  Jeremy said.  “Keep the deputies here until we can get the coroner here.  I want to go back to the station to watch the footage from the video camera.  Maybe they caught whatever killed this man on tape.”


Jeremy walked into the police station carrying the video camera.  He made his way to his office and walked over to his desk.  He hooked the video camera’s USB cord into his computer and uploaded the camera’s files.  Once the files were uploaded, he clicked on the first one.


“Is it rolling?”  Trevor Cline asked.


Trevor adjusted his red ball cap and walked over to his newly modified truck.  “This is my latest invention, the Garland.  Named after my favorite actress, the Garland is reinforced with thick steel plating designed to withstand the force of at least an EF4 tornado.  The latest technology within the Garland will make tornado chasing a lot safer and we can, in theory, get real close to a tornado.”

“Cost a lot of grant money as well,” Jake Tyler said, pointing the video camera at Trevor.

“Well worth the money.  The amount of information we will be able to learn from a tornado now that we can get real close is invaluable.”

“Not to mention the money we will make selling the footage to the weather channels,” Jake joked.

“You’re videotaping; I’m talking.”


“As I was saying, the Garland can hold up to four people and this,” Trevor said, pointing to a square metal device mounted on the roof of Garland, “which can measure the wind speeds of a tornado without being destroyed in the process.”

“Trevor, I brought food for our journey,” Josh Kellian, the driver of Garland, said as he entered the garage.  He was very tall and really thin.  His face was covered in acne scars.  “Checked the radar, we are a go for today.  Weather looks in our favor.”

“Yes!” Trevor said excitedly.

“An excellent day for tornadoes?”  Jake asked.

“Looks like a line of severe storms back to back,” Josh said.

“Or as one would say, an orgy for storm chasers,” Trevor said, excitedly.


“We’ve been on the road for over an hour now.  As you can see out the window, the skies are getting pitch black.  We are heading to Wichita since weather conditions are ideal for tornadoes,” Trevor said, pointing toward the darkened skies outside the truck.  “You see the dark green in the sky.  When the sky looks green, it’s light reflecting off moisture and hail stones that are up in the clouds.  Doesn’t mean that there will be a tornado. It does signify a strong updraft that could lead to the formation of a tornado.  Really cool.”

“Trevor, Jasmink is out,” Josh said, pointing toward a blue van parked on the side of the road.  He was pointing a video camera toward the sky.

“During the tornado season, every storm chaser is out here hoping to encounter a tornado up close.  I’ve had a few colleagues over the years that have been killed for being reckless.  One of the reasons why I designed the Garland,” Trevor said.

“That and you want to get a television deal.  All about the fame, not the science,” Jake said.

“All about the science,” Trevor replied sarcastically.

“Speaking of science.  We are getting close to Gleeson.  That town gives me the creeps.  It’s rumored that a guy that used to work for the government creating chemical weapons lives there.  Imagine having him as a neighbor.  You can’t even imagine what he’s doing in his garage.  Not working on cars, I tell you,” Josh said.

“You believe everything you hear.  There’s no mad scientist living in Gleeson,” Jake said.

“It could be true,” Josh said.

“Yep, he’s in his garage making a monster.  A monster, I tell you,” Trevor said jokedly.

The song on the radio was interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System alerting them to a tornado warning in their area.

Download Zombie Command: A Horror Anthology now if you dare: http://authl.it/B00MU3Q194?d

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