Teaser: Mike Evans #WinterofZombie

zombies and chainsaws

Zombie and Chainsaws Teaser

By Mike Evans

Matt didn’t answer he just laughed as he walked away. Bill started to walk up the hill a little when a branch snapped. Bill screamed and shined his flashlight around. He didn’t see anything. When he heard the noise a second time he aimed the light and two black eyes stared back at him. He wasn’t sure what it was eating, but there was a possum sitting in the grass its head the only thing sticking up from the space. Bill clutched at his heart rubbing it. He said, “You are one lucky little bastard that I don’t have my piece on me or I’d blow your damn head off.”

A second crack went off and he laughed as he said, “Oh I ain’t getting scared all damn night long. If it’s another damn possum I’m going to get me some rebar out of the back of the truck and crack these right upside the head. I ain’t takin’ no shit from no animals.”

He turned around yelling trying to scare whatever it was away thinking how much he hated country critters at times. When he shined the flashlight down at the ground he saw no animals. What he did see was a muddied blue pair of suit pants. This was worse than the animal and scared the absolute shit out of him. He screamed dropping the flashlight and tripping over the weeds tangling his feet in them. Everything went black around him and all he heard was the slow shuffle of feet and a groan.

Bill said, “What the fuck are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere? Christ, you are lucky I didn’t shoot you. You realize how dangerous it is walking around scaring the shit out of people late at night. You must be shit faced, damn man.”

There was no answer. Again he called, “He – he – hello? Wh – Who is there? I didn’t mean ya no harm I promise. You just scared the hell out of me. I got a buddy here with me, so you best just get on outta here. You ain’t got no business being down here this time of night.”

He tried to push himself up but fell back down. The slow shuffling and moans were making their way closer to him. Bill tried pushing up but slipped back on his face in the wet weeds. He rolled on his back and only saw the dark of night staring back at him. The feet finally kicked into Bill’s legs and Bill made the mistake of kicking at the stranger’s shins as hard as he possibly could. The kick did the opposite of what he was hoping for and he kicked the stranger’s legs out from beneath him. Bill screamed as the wet mud covered stranger fell against his body and the man’s weight made him try to push to scramble away. He tried shoving the man off, but he was too big, bigger than Bill and very stiff.

Bill took a whiff and couldn’t figure out what the hell he’d been in it was a stench like he’d not smelled yet before, there were no signs of health from it at all. Bill grasped around finally getting the flashlight. He brought it from the side whipping the back end of it into the things face once and then a second time. Something fell on his face showering it and Bill shook at it rapidly brushing them off. He flicked at whatever it was picking something up and realized they were teeth. He put the light on the man’s face and when he did he saw dead eyes staring at him. Maggots were crawling out of his eye sockets and his nose had been almost completely rotted off, his face had holes in it and the maggots were everywhere now falling on Bill’s face as well.

Bill tried to push backward but it was useless, there was too much weight on top of him. He shivered at the idea of the man’s teeth on top of him but nowhere near as much as the thought that those maggots were crawling out of him. He didn’t need to be a college graduate to know that there was something seriously fucked up about all of this. He pleaded with the man because he was out of options and never in his life had he wanted the ability to be standing and running as much as this moment right now.


*   *   *   *   *

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