Teaser: PM Barnes #WinterofZombie

Zombie Seed Conception Revised

Teaser from Zombie Seed II: Conception:


Al shook his head and cleared it of the memory as they arrived at the staging area for the observation room where Will was.  He was shocked by the number of people gathered in the small space.
Steve looked up from a paper print out he was reviewing with two other scientists and moved over to them.
“Martin, Al, glad you could join us.”  Al had to stifle his emotions. Did that little fuck face have any other greetings in his mental tool belt?
“It’s not looking good in there. It’s possible we might be losing subject 2.”
Al leveled a look at Steve that was filled with brazen hatred.  Steve quickly looked away and continued talking about the details they had gathered since the onset of Will’s downward spiral.

Al, who was paying little attention had stepped away and moved over toward the huge window. There on the opposite side was a man that had grown to be Al’s only friend in all of this and he didn’t look good.

“So you see, we might be facing a huge setback here.”  Steve finished as he came up behind Al. Al turned quickly and made his way for the door to the room, ready to go in and offer up whatever assistance he could to the man who looked like he was barely hanging on.
He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to see Steve holding out a mask and a pair of gloves.

“We know it’s not airborne Al, but with this new development we can’t really take any chances. Plus with Subject—Will’s weakened immune system, we wouldn’t want to bring him anything that pushes this thing over the edge.”
Al had to admit that Steve had a point.  He grabbed the mask and gloves, quickly applying them before stepping in.


“It’s okay Will, everything is going to be okay,” Al said reassuringly, even though he didn’t believe it.
He felt Will tighten his grip on his hand and looked down as the man tried to form words with his dry mouth.
Where the hell was that damn water?

“Don’t strain okay, don’t strain. We’re going to get you taken care of okay.”  Al realized that his lack of confidence was becoming evident in his voice.  He also realized that Will’s grip on his hand was tightening and becoming uncomfortable.  How could a man who was barely able to lift his head produce enough pressure to make Al feel like his bones were being ground?
Al took his free hand and placed it over Will’s, patting it in hopes that the gesture would cause the man to lighten up. Instead, the grip intensified.
Al attempted to remove his hand but found that he was unable to. Will had him in a lock.  He looked from his gloved hand, which was bunching around the spot where Will was latched on and appeared dangerously close to ripping, to Will’s face.

The man’s mouth was speedily forming soundless words that Al couldn’t make out.
All of a sudden Will shot up into a semi- seated position and pulled Al to him.

The five words were delivered in a gust of desert heat and then Will collapsed back down and started to convulse.

me (2)

*   *   *   *   *

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