Guest Post: Greg P Ferrell #WinterofZombie


In honor of being a part of this year’s Winter of Zombie blog tour, here is a set of short stories written exclusively for the visitors to the tour. These were started back during the Summer of Zombie tour. They’re from the perspective of one Tony the Zombie and his personal gripes against us humans. Typed out by Greg P. Ferrell because really, have you ever seen a zombie use a keyboard? It’s not pretty.



A day in my dead life!

Chapter 8

By: Tony the zombie

Translated by: Greg P. Ferrell



I know its been a while and you’ve probably forgotten about so let me reintroduce myself to you. I’m Tony the Zombie, and I hate nets. It took me along time to chew through the ropes, but now I’m free to roam the world again and educate you on how you can be better prey for us.


Let’s talk about your people in the white lab coats. These guys are gaining quite a reputation as not very nice people. As I was trapped in that net during our last talk I noticed several more of my brothers and sisters hanging in similar traps all around me. Each day a group of men would come out and take one of us out of the trap and drag us away to a large building in the distance. We wondered what they were doing to them in there since none ever seemed to return to tell us. I myself wondered if it was some kind of relaxing retreat for us zombies and hoped that maybe this was the humans way of trying to make peace with us.


After my escape I ran across a large gathering of my family, and we raided the place to get to the bottom of what was going on inside. Well actually I was just hungry and went along for a meal. Once we broke through the metal fencing and made our way inside courtesy of a door left open by one of our newest victims, we got to see what they were doing to our kind in there. Let me tell you it was not a relaxing retreat. These guys had been operating on my kind in there. We found all sorts of carnage being done to our brothers and truthfully it made me a little sick to see it. So we did what we had to do and we destroyed the place. Well actually one of my idiot brothers knocked over a flame, and it caught the place on fire. Either way it did the trick and as I left, the whole place went boom.


I watched as the men in the white coats gathered up in a flying box and flew away. I don’t know why they were doing the things I saw in there, but I just know it wasn’t for the betterment of my kind. Why is it men dressed in all white are never good for an oppressed people?  So please reign in your people and tell them not to do that to us anymore. I mean come on, I saw one of my brother’s heads floating in a jar! Really who does that sort of thing. You people call us monsters, sheesh.


Until next time Tony the Zombie, out.

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The stench of frozen flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 40+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of November.

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Guest Post: Derek Ailes #WinterofZombie


Zombies have breathed a new life ever since the Walking Dead premiered on AMC on October 31, 2010.  They originally became super popular when they were resurrected in Night of The Living Dead in 1968 by the fathers of the zombie genre: George A. Romero and John Russo.


My love for zombies was discovered back in the eighties when I first saw Dawn Of The Dead.  As a kid, I purchased a stack of Stephen King novels at a garage sale in my subdivision.  From there my love of the horror genre began.  I began reading horror novels along with watching all the classic horror films of the black and white era to all our favorite iconic horror franchises of the seventies and eighties.


My brother, fellow author Mark Cusco Ailes, and I began to watch all the zombie classics – Dawn of The Dead and Return of The Living Dead being our favorites.  When the remake of Dawn of the Dead was released in 2004, the zombie genre was reborn.  New direct to DVD zombie releases were plentiful and new theatrical movies were being filmed to keep all of our thirst of zombie mayhem satisfied.


In 2009, after my brother had two fantasy novels published, I sat down and wrote the first draft of my horror short story Zombie Command.  I took the epilogue of my rejected science fiction novel Power Command from 1994 and rewrote it with zombies.  At the time, I couldn’t find any other stories dealing with a zombie outbreak on a space station.  I posted a few pages of the draft on my Facebook page and that was as far as I went with it.


In 2013, I sat down and began working on short stories for a horror anthology with my brother called: Journey Into the Unknown.  Zombie Command was originally going to be included in the anthology, but I couldn’t get the ending finish in time for its release.  I put it aside and when I began to work on stories for my own anthology, it became the anchor story.


Two other zombie related stories were included in the Zombie Command anthology: Zombie Twister and Brave Zombie World.


Zombie Twister (originally published in Journey Into the Unknown): I am a big fan of the show Storm Chasers and anything related to tornadoes.  Back in 1995, when I worked for a Star Trek vendor, we were in Iowa traveling from one Star Trek convention to the next when a tornado dropped down behind our convoy of Star Trek dealers and we all had to outrun it in our vans.  I wrote this story about tornadoes infested with zombies while they were filming an episode of a show similar to Storm Chasers.  This was written a year before they had a zombie infested tornado in “Z Nation”.


Brave Zombie World: I took a Utopian society similar to the one in the book “Brave New World” and threw a zombie outbreak into the mix.  How do you survive a zombie outbreak when you are not program to think outside the box?  This is how Aldous Huxley should have written Brave New World.  Imagine how much more of a literary masterpiece it would have been with zombies.    Imagine the zombie apocalypse brought on by everybody’s addiction to soma.

Download Zombie Command: A Horror Anthology now if you dare:


Zombies have influenced my writings since the release of Zombie Command.  I’ve written zombie related stories in each of my anthologies.  My brother is currently working on a book series called Z-Day with Zombie Park being the first novel.  He took Jurassic Park removed the dinosaurs and replaced them with zombies.

It is safe to say that zombies are a major part of the Ailes Brothers of Terror.

Until Next Time,

Stay Scared

Derek Ailes

straight jacket 3

Derek Ailes is the author of four anthologies: “Zombie Command: A Horror Anthology”, “Journey Into the Unknown: Deluxe Horror Edition”, “Catfurnado, Zombies and One Killer Doll” and “Musings From A Demented Mind”.  He lives in South Haven, Indiana.  He is currently working on first fantasy novel “Beast Within”.

You can keep up with all of his horrific updates on

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The stench of frozen flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 40+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of November.

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Teaser: Samie Sands #WinterofZombie

Forgotten Samie Sands Cover






That noise.

Bang. Bang.

So loud. It feels like it’s coming from inside my own head.


I cover my ears with my hands, pulling my knees up to my chest, trying to block out the whole world for a moment. I just need to think.

I don’t know what to do about her, I really don’t. I can’t just do nothing. She isn’t right, however much I try and convince myself otherwise. I have to accept the truth. I have to admit that whatever is behind that door, isn’t my cousin. Not anymore. But that doesn’t make any of this any easier.

When I found her, outside the door collapsed and covered in blood, I completely freaked out, what if she had this thing, the illness? I had to block out all my deep rooted fears about catching the disease, while I carried her in and cleaned her off. I didn’t have any choice did I? There’s no one else left. I don’t even know how she got here, was she heading this way on purpose, coming to see me? Or was it simply a coincidence that it’s my door she passed out in front of?

I left her to sleep. She slept for days. She slept for so long I started to fear that I was too late, that she was already dead.

Then movement.

I heard her get up, out of the bed and move about the room. I waited. I didn’t talk for fear of what she might say, for fear of learning what had truly happened to her.

She switched. Day to day. Minute to minute. One moment she would be speaking, albeit very slurred and stilted words that I could never really understand. The next I’d just hear screaming and smashing, as things would be thrown around in a violent rage. It was terrifying.

Now, I’d give anything for that emotion. Now all I can hear is growling, moaning, shuffling.

And banging.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

I fear she is going to bring that flimsy door down soon, making my decision for me. I’m not ready for it, not yet. I’ve already lost too many people. She might be the only one I have left.

I already know my parents are dead, the last time I spoke to my mother; I could hear my dad slowly dying in the background. He was coughing and spluttering the whole time, and growling in between. He was starting to sound just like all the others do—the infected on the outside. I could hear the trepidation in mum’s voice, but she wouldn’t tell me any details. I’m sure she must have known that neither of them had much time left, but she was too proud to let me help.

I could have done it anyway I suppose. When I tried to call over the next few days and got no answer, I could have hot footed over there and helped them both out, but I didn’t. I’m a coward—I always have been—but that doesn’t stop the guilt from eating me up. I was too afraid of finding them both hungry for my flesh. I was terrified of joining them in the undead army that’s growing steadily by the minute.

I think it’s safe to say that the Lockdown has failed.

The Lockdown. What an idea—quarantine everyone inside their own homes, gather all the infected into a specialised medical facility to cure them and then let life get back to normal.

That’s what we were led to believe was the plan. Unfortunately, it hasn’t seemed to work out that way at all. I don’t know what went wrong, how or why, but here we are. The numbers of infected roaming the streets is constantly rising rapidly, and no one has any idea what is going to happen next. There is never any new information on the television or radio; the news reports are just repeats from before. There are definitely no signs of life returning to normality any time soon.

If I was still receiving food deliveries from the armed forces, I might feel a little bit better about the whole thing, but they petered out a while ago. I am rapidly losing confidence in any of us surviving this mess. I think AM13 was ravaging far too out of control before the government even attempted to get a handle on it. I don’t think they ever stood a chance against it; they’d left it far too late.

Oh Leah, I wish you weren’t behind that door, banging away. I wish you were on this side, with me, helping me get through this. I’ve only just managed to scrub all of your blood from my skin. You can just imagine how bad that was for me, can’t you? But I did it for you, because you’re my family and I love you. I keep reminiscing, remembering us playing together as children, and looking after each other throughout school. I can’t get my head around the fact that my lovely cousin Leah is that violent beast in the other room. It’s too sad to comprehend.

Samie Sands Author Pic

*   *   *   *   *

The stench of frozen flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 40+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of November.

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Guest Post: Rebecca Besser #WinterofZombie

Zombies Inside Cover 2 w Court

Survivor Dangers

By Rebecca Besser


By default most people think that the biggest threat during a Z-poc would be zombies. At first, that might be true. At first it will be the zombies, then it will be basic human stupidity in dealing the zombies, then it will be those stupid people turning into zombies, and if you survive all that… What’s next? Survival.

Survival in and of itself has a lot of dangers. Have you tried to live and sustain your life (and your family’s) without a decent shelter for more than a weekend camping trip? Can you even function without electricity and running water for more than a week? Or prepackaged food for more than a couple of days?

Most of you are probably sitting there thinking: “Pfft! Yeah, I’m tough!”

But what if the world went to shit in the dead of winter and you had no heat, no running water, and little food that you could gather without being able to run to the store? Can you even make a fire without matches?

Keeping yourself warm and fed are going to be the next dangers you’re going to have to face.

Yes, you will face other people, but that’s only if you survive long enough to do so.

More than likely, half (or more) of the human survivors that don’t become zombies would die from the cold or starvation.

Another half of what’s left would probably die of disease or infection from wounds or accidental injuries.

Now, let’s just say it’s not winter or you live in a warm climate… The number of people who would die from freezing would decrease, but instead dehydration or a sickness brought on by drinking contaminated water would increase. (After all, you could melt snow for water and that could help for a while.) Throw in heat exhaustion, low blood sugar, and the untellable other health issues anyone could have from living constantly in a harsh environment without adequate supplies…death is assured for most.

Granted, with that many people out of the way, prepacked food and bottled water sources will be overly plentiful, but you’ll more than likely have to fight for them.

That’s more injuries, more dehydration, more zombies, and more other people who want the same things and don’t want to share.

Most zombie entertainment doesn’t show you some of these aspects because they need their characters to live so they have a story to tell. We all know that real life isn’t that forgiving and we can’t all be that lucky.

We get mesmerized by those who survive in zombie entertainment because we like to imagine ourselves as them, being smart enough or luck enough to beat the odds of ALL the things that could go wrong and are stacked against us.

But real life isn’t fiction. I don’t think there would be near the numbers we would hope for of survivors should something as global as a Z-poc happen.

And don’t even start to argue – it would be global with human stupidity and people doing so much traveling (it has been demonstrated in many stories and scenarios).

After thinking about all that could go wrong, and all that could kill you, I pose to you the question I asked my husband the other day:

Would you rather be a zombie or a survivor?

Rebecca Besser Author Pic

*   *   *   *   *

The stench of frozen flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 40+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of November.

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Guest Post: Zach Bohannon #WinterofZombie

empty bodies cover for real last no doubt

What Defines a Zombie?


Among fans and purist of the ever-popular zombie craze, there are many debates. The most common question is: fast or slow? Personally, I like both for different reasons, but I tend to lean toward slow, simply for the creepiness aspect of them. But hey, that’s a different discussion for a different day. Thanks, 28 Days Later, for opening that can of worms.


But what actually defines what the hell a zombie is? First, let’s start with the definition of a zombie.


Urban Dictionary defines a zombie this way:


“A deceased human being who has partially returned to life due to undeterminable causes. The brain retains base facilities, namely gross motor function. In its near-mindless state, it grasps no remains of emotion, personality, or sensation of pain. In rare cases, some of the reanimated have reflexively preformed routine activities from their past lives.”


Yes, I used Urban Dictionary. Surprisingly, they had the most relevant search result on the ole Google.


So, what truly makes the undead, undead?


The most intriguing part of this definition to me is the first sentence. In almost all forms of zombie fiction or movies, the outbreak is brought forth by some kind of viral disease. This first sentence is most interesting because it opens up the possibility that a corpse would be lifted in other ways.


In my own zombie series, Empty Bodies, I took an unconventional route to start my outbreak. In lieu of giving any spoilers here, I’ll just say that it was something that I’d never seen in a movie or read in a book before. At one point during the big reveal (which comes in book 3), I actually stopped and asked myself: “Are my creatures zombies?” Do they eat flesh? Yes. Are they thoughtless, wandering monsters? Yes. Are they slow? Damn straight. But I was still worried, as the origin of my beasts was original (to my knowledge) and unconventional. I was nervous, worried that I might make some purists angry.


At the end of the day, I stuck true to my gut, and I went through with it. I’d built up to the reveal in the first two books, while the characters worked to fight through this hell-asish new world full of Empties (the word I use instead of zombie). All the feedback I’ve received has been awesome, and readers have loved the new spin and approach on the genre.


So, maybe a more fair question is: how do I define a zombie?


No matter what the initial cause, a zombie is any human that died, then was reanimated. I feel like you can’t have a zombie that doesn’t feast off human flesh, and that they do need to be brain-dead aside from basic motor-skills.


What about you? In your mind, what makes a zombie a zombie? I’d love to hear your response in the comments.


Zach Bohannon is the best-selling author of the ‘Empty Bodies’ post-apocalyptic zombie series. Check out his website at, and for a complete list of his books, visit his Amazon author page. He lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Kathryn, daughter, Haley, and German Shepherd, Guinness.


*   *   *   *   *

The stench of frozen flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 40+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of November.

Stop by the event page on Facebook so you don’t miss an interview, guest post or teaser…and pick up some great swag as well!

Giveaways galore from most of the authors as well as interaction with them!

#WinterofZombie is the hashtag for Twitter, too!

Guest Post: James Dean #WinterofZombie

This Dying World - James Dean - eBook wBlurb

Critical Mass Moment


What is a critical mass moment?  It’s nothing official really.  It’s just a term I came up with when I started writing.  It’s that moment where shit isn’t just hitting the fan…it’s more like every turd that has been flushed down the toilets of every major population center is sucked up into every jet engine globally and scattered liberally across the planet.

I’ll give you a moment to imagine that.  Nasty…right?

A few years ago, I read a blog post explaining why a true zombie apocalypse couldn’t happen.  I’m sure if you are a zombie enthusiast, you may have read it.  Although I could poke holes in a few of their arguments, there was one important fact that stood out that was hard to deny.

As human beings, we’re very good at killing things.  I mean really, we’re like stupid good at it.  We’ve caused creatures to go extinct…more than once!  We even have the ability to kill every living thing on this Earth and reduce them microscopic radioactive dust.

When it comes to killing things…we f’n rock.

The traditional idea of the zombie plague…at least the Romero type zombies…dead bodies come back and start treating the living like an all-you-can-eat sampler platter.  Eat a little bit, move on.  The problem, for me anyway, is that eventually people would get wise to the fact that these weird looking bitey people are probably worth keeping away from.

Add to that the fact that these days you can’t sling a dead cat without hitting someone who knows how to kill a (again, Romero type) zombie.  Take a bat…smack in head…rinse, repeat.  Plus, most countries on this planet can lay down fields of whoop ass without breaking a sweat thanks to all our modern advancements in killing things.  (Really, its mind boggling how good we are at that).

With all those things working against traditional zombies, the idea that Granny will sit up in her coffin and take a bite out of Harold the pall bearer and ushering the complete collapse of civilization becomes a bit less plausible.  That’s before taking into account that most bodies in the civilized world are embalmed fairly early after death, so getting the infection started will be a bit of a chore.

When I sat down to start writing my first zombie novel, This Dying World: The End Begins, I grappled with how to spread the infection.  At first, I wasn’t going to even bother explaining it.  It would be a completely legitimate thing to do.  During a real ZA, most people would be completely clueless about the origin of the zombies anyway.  So my original idea was:

BOOM!  Zombies are here.  Why?  F**k you, that’s why. So deal with it!

But then, as my story grew, I found myself in a position that I needed to explain where it came from.  Or at least explain how mankind lost the battle so quickly.  How could all of our advanced methods of destroying stuff be thwarted by creatures with the intelligence of an avocado and the speed of a sleepwalking sloth?

Really, the answer is simple.  I bet every zombie lover who read that question knows the answer too.  The real terror of the slow moving shambling zombies, besides their single minded relentless nature, is their numbers.  They attack and overwhelm by sheer force of numbers.  The more of them there are, the faster civilization takes a swan dive.  But to get to those numbers can be a challenge, especially with the bite transmission.

Enter that critical mass moment.  It’s the absolute game changer.  The cataclysmic event where the numbers of the dead suddenly surge and overwhelm every possible organized response and bring civilization to its knees.  It takes the long slow progression of a typical infection burning across the planet and turns it into an overnight extinction level event.

I was about halfway through my book before I came up with my critical mass moment.  It did require a few rewrites, but by the time I was done I was very happy with it.  Over the years I have seen several examples of that critical mass, and it’s always fun to see how another author pulls it off.  It’s not easy…especially when there is always someone in the audience that will gladly point out where we mess up and how what we wrote couldn’t actually happen.  You know who you are…stop trying to hide.  Yeah you, hiding behind the door…I saw you!

Now, I’m not discounting the authors that prefer the slow burn infection, or the ones that just ignore the origins altogether and say “POOF Zombies…enjoy!”  I’ve read a lot of zombie books, and I’ve seen a lot of different ideas on zombies.   I love seeing where a writer can go to create, or recreate their versions of a zombie.

And quite honestly I think that’s the beauty of this genre.  Zombies are malleable creatures.  There are no written rules about what they can do or how far they can evolve.  They are very open to interpretation for anyone who wants to take on the challenge.  As long as writers have new ideas floating around their devious little minds, we will always have new and terrifying versions of the creatures we have all come to love and admire to face off with.


You can find This Dying World: The End Begins by at these links:

Amazon Ebook, Paperback, and Audio:


Barns & Noble (Nook) :

You can contact James here:


Twitter: @jamesdeanauthor

Amazon Author page:



James Dean was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1975. He earned his Emergency Medical Technician license, serving for 3 years before returning to school to earn a AAS degree in electronics technology. He has worked in the technology field for 15 years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  He currently lives in a suburb of Chicago with his wife and kids.

James has always been interested in writing, penning his first very short story in 4th grade. He’s written several short stories over the years, from horror to sword and sorcery genres. But he gave up writing for several years until he discovered the world of indie authors, thanks to people like Mark Tufo and Eric Shelman. James was once again bitten by the writing bug, which has led to his first full length novel, This Dying World: The End Begins.


*   *   *   *   *

The stench of frozen flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 40+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of November.

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Giveaways galore from most of the authors as well as interaction with them!

#WinterofZombie is the hashtag for Twitter, too!