Guest Post: Kathy Dinisi #WinterofZombie


What made you become a writer?

   Well never in a million years did I think I would become a writer. Has it been easy? Nope haha, I’ve made a lot of mistakes with my first book.  But I feel I’ve learned from it and maybe even grew as an author.  But I always wanted to write a story, once I got the nerve to sit down and write…well I did.

How did you create your story’s?

I got the story Hell Bound (A Vacation from Hell)  thinking what would I do in a zombie apocalypse? How would I survive? How would my husband react?  Where would we go? What happens if we were not with our boys and how would we get back to them?  Book 2 Hell Bound (A world apart) just came to me.Book 3 Hell Bound (Til death do us part) will be released 2016. It will be the final book in this series.

What are you writing now?

      Currently I’m writing a Sci/fi series called Arrived it will be released January 2015. If you like Aliens this book is for you. So check back on my author page for updates.   And I will be starting book 3 in the Hell Bound series later this year.

When you write do you listen to a playlist and if so what is on it?

Heck yeah I do. I listen to theory of a deadman, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, H.I.M., Dommin and many many more. I try to find music that goes with the genre I’m writing. It helps a lot.

Do you have a writing schedule?

Nope, just when I find the time. Between nursing school and the family life I barely make time to read a book. It’s all work and no play.

What helps you to write?

Watching a movie or reading a book in that genre helps a lot. Plus I enjoy junk food and a cold soda or beer while I write.

If you could co-write with any author who would it be?

No doubt about it I would love to co-write with Stephen King. That man is a master mind!


Would you want your book to be a TV Series?why or why now?

    Heck yeah! It would be awesome!!! Come on what author wouldn’t?

Favorite Genre? 

My favorite genre would be horror,fantasy and Sci/fi.

Are the names you come up with one’s you always wanted to name your children?

Yes, in Hell Bound (A Vacation from Hell) I used my boys middle name. In Book 2 A world Apart I always wanted to name my daughter Emily.

What character do you most relate to?

I most relate to Sam. I wrote that character thinking of myself and what would I do if I was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


Kathy Dinisi resigns in California where she is a mother and wife by day and a writer by night.  She is a first year nursing student. She spends most of her free time watching horror movies with her family and reading. She enjoys hiking, snow boarding, reading, horse back riding and many other out door activities. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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