Guest Post: Jessica Gomez #WinterofZombie

Infected Cover

Beginning to write this post was not an easy task. I continuously racked my brain, what am I going to write about? Well, I FINALLY figured it out. The Apocalypse. Hello! We are all here for not just our love of ALL things zombie, but the apocalypse too. And what better way to cover the subject, than to tell you where the idea for INFECTED came from.

When the idea for INFECTED popped into my head, I was watching a dooms day show about different ways the world would end. Needless to say, fireworks started sparking in my brain. They’d mentioned a cave system that people could survive in. These systems run all over the United States. The reason this interested me so much, was because one of these cave systems actually runs through the state of Oregon. The state I live in. Living inside these caves can provide shelter, warmth, and best of all water. These systems are in our national parks and are common projects for school, which made writing it into the story relatively easy.

A chemical weapon was perfect. Could you imagine a bright light blinding you and then when you can finally see again, everyone around you is dead? Dropped where they stood. INFECTED morphed from there. The story poured out. I created a place that I myself would live. If I could build a cave, what would I have? A pool, hot tub, and kitchen seem unrealistic, but after researching the proficiency of the some of these cave systems, imagine my giddiness when these ideas were actually possibilities(because I really wanted them). Some streams of water in these cave systems are barely warm, while others will boil you in seconds. Using that heat to your advantage would give you the capability of having many luxuries.

While researching for INFECTED, there were bumps and bruises along the way. Arguments with my characters. Some scenes I second guessed writing, but then decided that the end of the world wasn’t going to be soft. It will be unbearable, traitorous, petrifying… inhumane. Nothing will be sacred and everything will be up for grabs, including those you love. I tried to portray all this in the book. Of course, my imagination played against the facts I found about sustaining in these caves, adding to the twists and turns of the story.

I touched base on the extra abilities some of the characters possess. James’s “sight”, Ian’s “sensing”, Lili’s “premonitions”, which will finally come to the forefront next year in book two, IMMUNE. More characters will enter, others with return… and some will die. Three descriptions that scream, YES!

I really hope you enjoyed reading my very first guest post! Thank you so much for taking the time to swing by.


Jessica Gomez writes in multiple genres such as: New Adult, Apocalyptic, Paranormal, Suspense, Bi-lingual, and Romance. Her debut novel AFTER THE BEFORE was release in September 2014. Followed by her second release in March of 2015 titled, INFECTED. You can find more information about Jessica on her Facebook page, Books by Jessica Gomez:

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