Guest Post: Eric A. Shelman #WinterofZombie

Cover_Z Resurrected_Shelman

The Beginning … Again.


As many of you know, I recently released the first in a new series called Scabs: The Gemini Exception.   It’s not exactly zombie fare, but it does involve some heavy feasting on humans, therefore, it does somewhat qualify.   No, they did not rise from their graves, but they were once people, and they sure as hell don’t have any memories of that experience that gives them any pause when moving in for a bite of their sons, daughters or grandparents.


But is it still something in which a zombie reader would want to indulge?  I believe so, but what better way to make that call than to offer … let’s see.   A checklist.


 Hungry for human flesh … check.

 Not real bright, but capable in fulfilling their cravings … check.

 Scary-looking … check.  (More than zombies.)

 Relentless … check.

 Thorough in their consumption of people … check!  (More than zombies.)

 Their activities end life as we know it … check!!   Apocalypse, here we come!


So there you go.  I’m positive that Scabs is the kind of story that would please any zombie story-lover, which, admit it – you know you are.  This has already been proven to a degree, by such comments as these:


“This book grabbed me from the first page to the last and I was smiling all the way as I read it. I had the smile I have when reading a book is pure joy.” ~ Tim F., Amazon Reader.


“I have no idea where the premise for the story came from other than Eric Shelman’s twisted mind, but it is great and easily the best horror book I’ve read in years.” ~ Amanda F., Amazon Reader.


“This book was one of the best, scariest, [most] exciting books I have read in a very long time. Heart-pounding, pulse-racing scary.” ~ Grammyshere, Amazon Reader.


So that should be enough for you, huh?   Just enough glorious praise to make you decide that this book may be for you?   I hope so.   I personally love a good creature-feature or monster story that just makes you fear for the characters so much you’re not sure they’ll ever find a way to survive – and I hope I’ve created that here.  I was what I wanted to do, and it’s strange how it all just kind of came to me.   There are some strange elements of this story – currently slated to become at least a trilogy – that I do not believe have ever been combined before.


No, I won’t ruin the story for you by delving too deeply in, but suffice it to say the story is being told by identical 27-year-old ginger-haired twins, Scott and Warren Walsh.   They, along with their mother, Melissa, are facing one of the most harrowing situations imaginable.


So I do hope this blog post was vague and intriguing enough for you!   The book is available in Kindle (Yes, Kindle Unlimited, too!), Audiobook and in Print.   I narrated it, too!   In that case, if you HATE the audio version of it, I am solely to blame.


Enjoy, Rotter Lovers!   You will soon be Scab Lovers!  Count on it.  😉


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