Guest Post: Jaime Johnesee #WinterofZombie


Since the late 70s zombies have had a huge impact in mainstream media. From “Night of the Living Dead” to “Zombieland” movies, tv shows, and books have brought the zombie into the spotlight. Every time people seem to think the zombies will just shamble away they prove the naysayers wrong and morph into a whole other monster.

There have been so many incarnations of the zombie since it was first mentioned in folklore. From ravenous and unstoppable to the utterly ludicrous zombies have Thriller danced their way into every aspect of pop culture.

These creatures have evolved and changed over time to become ever more threatening and more realistic. Gone are the days of the slow moving shambling beasties that are stupid and easy to outrun. Now you can get your zombie fix in whatever flavor you’d like.

From sweet and romantic like “Warm Bodies” and funny and fresh like my own Bob the Zombie series zombies can be more than just monsters. Though if that is what you’re after there are plenty of amazing authors who write zompoc to check out.

Some of my favorite authors in the zombie genre are Mark Tufo, Armand Rosamilia, Shawn Chesser, John O’Brien, Joe McKinney, Jonathan Maberry, Rebecca Besser, Claire C. Riley, Jolie duPre, Ricky Cooper, and Mike Evans. If you’re a fan of zompoc you can’t go wrong with those authors.

If you like your zomedy, I highly recommend Christine Verstraete’s “Girl Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie” and Jeff Strand’s “A Bad Day for Voodoo”. There is a ton of it out there, you do kind of have to dig through the zompoc stuff to find it, but zomedy is one of my favorite subgenres, for obvious reasons.

If you think zombies are on the way out, think again. These monsters, be they funny or serious, are around to stay. Much like vampires and werewolves, zombies may get played out but they will always be there as a staple of monster fiction.

People will always be intrigued and fascinated by the idea of the undead and there will always be stories of people clawing their way out of their graves for revenge or the munchies. It’s human nature to enjoy being frightened and what is more terrifying than something you can’t kill because it is already dead?

I know the genre has become a bit overrun these days but I see that as a good thing because, hey, when you get right down to it I love to read about zombies. On that note I am off to finish a zombie story of my own. Have a wonderful day and thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts here.

Jaime blue straight hair

Jaime Johnesee lives in Michigan with her husband and two sons. She spent fourteen years as a zookeeper before shifting her focus to writing full time. Widely known for her bestselling horror comedy series, Bob the Zombie, she is currently coauthoring the paranormal horror series, Revelations, for Devil Dog Press as well as working on her Shifters series. You can find out more about Jaime Johnesee at her website:

 As well as on




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