Spotlight On: Derek Ailes #WinterofZombie


Winter of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: Derek Ailes

What is your latest zombie release?

Zombie Command: A Horror Anthology

Quick description of it (no spoilers)

Zombies are on the loose! Space Station of the Dead, Brave Zombie World and Zombienado headline the latest collection of horror short stories by Derek Ailes (one half of the Ailes Brothers of Terror).

The crew of Space Station X23 must survive the fallout from a zombie plague that is unleashed by an alien stowaway. Will David Canese and the crew of the Kytrex stop the zombies in time? Zombie Twister: What happens when a group of storm chasers encounter an EF5 tornado infested with zombies while filming a documentary special? Will they survive the zombies or the tornado? Gargoyle’s Curse: A small town in Texas is being terrorized by a hungry gargoyle. Will Sheriff Tavenier be able to stop the gargoyle before it kills everybody in town? The Candy Factory: Willie Wonka meets Halloween 3. Henry Mars is possessed by an ancient demon trapped in a mask he bought on an auction site. The demon uses Henry Mars’ candy factory to produce mind controlling gummy bears to enslave the children of Northwest Indiana. Shark Transporter: A mad scientist using a transporter to send a great white shark on a killing spree from a plane, to a school’s swimming pool, to a zoo’s aquarium and more.

Something unique about it.

Zombie Command: When I originally wrote the story back in 2009, it was originally titled “Space Station of the Dead”.  I took the epilogue of my rejected science fiction novel Power Command from 1994 and rewrote it with zombies.  At the time, I couldn’t find any other stories dealing with a zombie outbreak on a space station.

Zombie Twister: I am a big fan of the show Storm Chasers and anything related to tornadoes.  Back in 1995, when I worked for a Star Trek vendor, we were in Iowa traveling from one Star Trek convention to the next when a tornado dropped down behind our convoy of Star Trek dealers and we all had to outrun it in our vans.  I wrote this story about tornadoes infested with zombies while they were filming an episode of a show similar to Storm Chasers.  This was written a year before they had a zombie infested tornado in “Z Nation”.

Brave Zombie World: I took a Utopian society similar to the one in the book “Brave New World” and threw a zombie outbreak into the mix.  How do you survive a zombie outbreak when you are not program to think outside the box?


Links for people to purchase it.

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Your short Bio.

Derek Ailes is the author of four anthologies: “Zombie Command: A Horror Anthology”, “Journey Into the Unknown: Deluxe Horror Edition”, “Catfurnado, Zombies and One Killer Doll” and “Musings From A Demented Mind”.  He lives in South Haven, Indiana where he is currently working on his next horror novel.

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