Spotlight On: Brice Chandler #WinterofZombie

new whiskey jack cover

Winter of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: Brice J. Chandler


What is your latest zombie release?

Whiskey Jack


Quick Description of it (no spoilers)

Whiskey Jack is the story of Corporal Jack Criley, who has finally reached the end of military service that he’s been yearning. Downside of that: It just happened to come a few months early thanks to the Earth’s population turning into crazed  zombies and other savage mutations.

This story follows Jack as he stumbles through the apocalyptic US searching for redemption and closure. The journey to find his loved ones has ended, but it’s not the reunion he had envisioned.

Self-doubt and hatred push him towards a new purpose: To kill as many of the creatures as possible before he dies. Yet something Jack doesn’t fully understand drives him onward. Something he fears as much as the uncertainty of suicide, and no bottle can numb it.


Something unique about it.

The chapters of Whiskey Jack are not in sequential order during the timeline of events. Instead, they act as stand alone shorts that pull together the story in order to show the struggles of the protagonist, Jack Criley.

Jack tackles zombies and various mutations – some that tower over him and brush aside limbs as they push through tree lines. But Jack faces more than the perceived undead. He also deals with a losing battle against alcoholism and self-doubt in the midst of the apocalypse.


Links for people to purchase it.


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Twisted River Productions:


Brice's most hated pic

Author Bio.

Brice is a US Marine Corp veteran that deployed with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit which responded to the tragic events of Sept. 11th 2001. He later earned The Purple Heart during combat operations in Fallujah, Iraq in 2006/2007.

Since then, he has worked in factories and as a pewter-smith before graduating from the University of Missouri-St.Louis. His military background and work experience are often reflected in his writing. Although he writes in many genres, he considers zombie, apocalyptic, and dystopian stories his true love.

Brice and his wife, Kimberly,  currently reside in a small river town in North Eastern Missouri under the harsh rule of their three daughters: Emilie, Charlotte, and Piper.

*   *   *   *   *

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