#WinterofZombie This November


Short and sweet post with some of the pertinent information for ya…

Once again I’ll be running the Winter of Zombie tour, and it will be bigger than ever.

40+ zombie authors, and quite a few of them are new to the tour this year. We’re already working behind the scenes to get all of the Spotlight On interviews, guest posts and book teasers together so there will be plenty to read in November. 

Like the last #SummerofZombie tour, all posts will be right here on this blog so you can find them and they’ll be archived so you can read them whenever your heart desires. 

I’ll begin announcing each zombie author in October on the Facebook Event page, where you’ll find the contests, giveaways, Ask Me Anything threads and anything else you need to learn more about these fine authors. Make sure you sign up so you don’t miss a post.

Also, make sure you follow this blog so you don’t miss an exciting post as well. 

That’s all. See ya soon!


5 thoughts on “#WinterofZombie This November

  1. I personally would happily read “Highway to Hell”with or without any censoring. But others may have more delicate sensibilities than I. So with that and your end goals in mind perhaps a bit of buffering might be in order. Just soften it up a little for the audience. You don’t even have to drop the sex scenes just like change”fisting” to raping, stuff like that.


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