Jay Wilburn – Summer of Zombie Box Set

#SummerofZombie Jay Wilburn Interview

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Summer of Zombie Box Set

What is the Summer of Zombie Box Set?

What authors and books are included?

Meet one of the authors and hear a tidbit about his book below:

Name: Jay Wilburn

Author Jay Wilburn

What is the title of your book that’s included in the Summer of Zombie Box Set? Loose Ends: A Zombie Novel

Loose Ends: A Zombie Novel by Jay Wilburn

Who is your favorite character in that book? Doc, the cook with the darkest past.

Are there any “author secrets” in your title (things you included or ideas you had that aren’t shared with readers in the title)? The novel focuses on the characters finding unfinished business from their pasts still hiding among the ruins and the dead.

Tell us something about your book that will make us want to read it: The narrator is a mute boy that follows and participates in the action without interjecting himself over the other characters.

Is your book part of a series…

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