Guest Post: Luke Ahearn #SummerofZombie

The Runs on the Run; Diarrhea During the Zombie Apocalypse

Luke Ahearn, author of the Euphoria Z Series


Imagine you are on the road during the apocalypse. You are just trying to survive while keeping a look out for zombie hordes, avoiding humans, finding shelter, and gathering food. Then you start cramping. You feel bloated, nauseous, and feverish. You wonder what could be wrong with you, then it hits you, the intense desire to drop and squat. So that’s what you do and you are vulnerable, but it’s that or fill your pants as you run for a safer location.

We all know what Diarrhea is; urgently and frequently running to the bathroom to pass loose, watery unformed stool. It usually passes within 48 hours. The most important thing you can do is to stay hydrated while the diarrhea runs its course. Drink lots of water because your body is dumping it as fast as you take it in. Try to get your hands on drinks with electrolytes in them and any untainted fluid that has some sustenance in it to feed your body.

It’s called the trots, the runs, Montezuma’s revenge, but diarrhea is no laughing matter. It killed almost as many soldiers in the Civil War as guns and swords. The zombies will most likely be the least of your worries during an apocalypse as you will probably get taken out by an infection, minor injury, or something like diarrhea. Things we’ve come to think of as an inconvenience can be deadly during situations like an apocalypse.

The good news is that diarrhea is your body’s natural defense against many ills. It’s your body’s way of flushing itself out to get rid of dangerous microorganisms and the like. The bad news is that you are going to most likely get it during an apocalypse—more than once. As hygiene, food preparation and storage, and the numerous processes we have in place for our food and water shut down there will be an increase in bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the food and water we get our hands on.

So get that weapon, find a safe harbor, and most importantly purify your water if at all possible. Stay away from old and tainted food. And don’t ingest feces!


*   *   *   *   *

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