Guest Post: Jolie Du Pre #SummerofZombie

What Is Plants v Zombies?


If you love zombies, then Plants v Zombies is the right game for you. In this game from PopCap, you have to defend your home against wave after wave of the undead. The only weapons that you have at your disposal are the plants in your garden.

Fortunately, these are far from being ordinary plants. Instead, these plants are virtually weapons of mass destruction! They can fire projectiles at the zombies, set them on fire, or even devour them whole. Other plants can provide barriers that slow the zombies down or even blow them up.

As you proceed through the levels of the game, you can earn new plants that are even more powerful. Of course, the zombies become more powerful as well! In the early stages, you only have to defend against the weakest and slowest zombies, but by the end of the game, you will be hard-pressed to fend them off.

You can play the game on your PC, or it is also available for many mobile devices. You can even get a version for the Nintendo DS. If the idea of fighting off wave after wave of shambling zombies appeals to you, this is definitely a game to try.

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Jolie du Pre is a dystopian author, paranormal romance author, article writer, blogger and lover of monsters, especially zombies.  The third book in her zombie series, Benton: A Zombie Novel, Vol. 3, is available now at Amazon.


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