Teaser: Claire C. Riley #SummerofZombie

Odium III The Dead Saga


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“I’m so sorry,” I mumbled against his mouth.

And I was. I was sorry that I hadn’t told him the truth, that I hadn’t trusted him to keep that truth to himself, and I was sorry that I had been too stubborn to realize it. Trust went both ways, and while I had been deliriously angry with the fact that he hadn’t trusted me, I equally hadn’t trusted him.

“No, don’t apologize, that’s my job. I was a total dick to you. I know that, I know I ruined what we had. That’s on me.”

I shook my head, but he pulled away and looked carefully into my face, his eyes burning with intensity.

“None of us are perfect in this world, we’re both far from it, but when you find someone worth dying for, you have to believe that they’re worth living for too. You are worth living and dying for, and I’m sorry that I hurt you.”

“I’m sorry too.” I blinked away the tears and smiled at him. “I have so much to tell you. I want to tell you everything.”

“I know it all—Rachael, the baby, everything. You were doing the right thing, I know that, and again, I’m so sorry.” He pressed another rough kiss against my mouth and I clung to him with both hands. “God damn, woman, you’ve been driving me crazy. It’s like you’re living in my head. Everywhere I turned you were there—or at least the ghost of you.” He laughed, but I could hear the strain in his laugh, and feel how desperately he meant those words and needed me to understand them. “I’ve been such an asshole.” He shook his head and pulled me close again, his beard scratching against my neck once more.

“It was both of us,” I relented. “Not just you and not just me.”

I felt him nod. “Fine, I’ll meet you halfway,” he chuckled. “You never let up, do you?”

“Never,” I replied, and hugged him tightly, my fingers digging into his sides. “Never.”

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The stench of rotting flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 30+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of June.

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Giveaways galore from most of the authors as well as interaction with them!

#SummerofZombie is the hashtag for Twitter, too!

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