Teaser: Mike Evans #SummerofZombie

The Orphans Vol II

Surviving the Turned

By Mike Evans


Shaun rubbed his hands on his face, trying to remain calm. Between the Turned smacking their fists and faces on the hardware store’s windows and Ellie busting his balls, he was becoming irrational and finding it difficult to think. “If I’d realized the consequences of my actions before I did it, then obviously, I wouldn’t have blown the stupid van up. I say we get a crowbar and head up the stairs to the roof.”

They walked an aisle over, looking for the crowbars. Shaun found them and selected one that looked like it could take a lot of abuse. A sound much like a wind chime… or a hanging wrench display… came from somewhere in the back of the store. Tina was grabbing some rope and could already see horrific visions of being lowered off the side of a building to a group of blood-crazed Turned. “Wait a damn minute, why the…”

When the chime sounded, it broke her train of thought and she said, “What the eff was that?”

Shaun walked backward a few steps, looking in the next aisle over and saw nothing. He walked to the back slowly, rifle raised and ready. Ellie whispered, “Shaun… Shaun, don’t be stupid. This is when the dumbass always dies in the movie. Get back here. We can figure out something else.”

Shaun walked up another aisle, looking left and right, training the gun’s sights on it as he did so. Ellie called out one more time, “Shaun, this is a bad idea.”

Shaun looked back over his shoulder, still walking forward. “Ellie, it’s fine. I just want to make sure that everything is okay.”

Ellie didn’t stop for a second. “What about today is ‘okay,’ Shaun? We are in some sort of horrible zombie apocalypse right now and everything outside wants to eat us. We need to get out of here. We don’t have time for—”

Ellie’s face went white. All she could do was point. Tina was perfectly able to produce sound and screamed at a pitch that made everyone, including herself, jump a foot. Shaun whipped his head back around, trying to jump a step back toward Tina and Ellie but as he looked at what he knew they were pointing at, his backward momentum was halted. He was yanked forward as Shaun brought his eyes up to see the Turned shop owner, Bynum. Dried blood surrounded each of his dead eyes and his right arm sported a darkened, purple bite wound just above a tattoo of a scorpion and his hand was locked around his rifle barrel. Shaun tried to pull his rifle from his grip, but Bynum had him dead to rights. The Turned growled lowly, mouth open, reaching in for a taste.

Shaun wasted no more time. He pulled the trigger three times, sending three shots into the man’s chest—bam! bam! bam! The shots made the shop owner back up a few feet, dragging Shaun with him. Shaun and Bynum looked down at the smoke coming from the holes in the Turned man’s chest. He did not so much as flinch when he’d been shot.

Shaun tugged to get the rifle free. Bynum hurled Shaun into the air and let go of the rifle in the process. Tina and Ellie both screamed as they watched their friend soar through the air. Shaun collided into a rack of electric supplies and his rifle skidded in the opposite direction. He did not have the ability to shoot it anyway with the two girls in his line of sight.

He pushed up off of the ground, feeling the hit he had taken in his back. He needed to be able to think on his feet, so he did his best to shake the dazed feeling off. He heard the Turned shop owner growling and saw him twist his head sideways when the girls’ screams caught his attention. Licking his lips, Bynum changed direction and began his pursuit of Ellie and Tina. The girls wasted no time running around the corner, both screaming at the top of their lungs.

Shaun ran after them, looking at the walls lined with odd-and-end tools, not finding anything that could be used as a weapon. Then he noticed an axe lying on the middle shelf near the end of the aisle. He grabbed it by its long wood handle as he ran past. He gripped the edge of a shelf as he skidded around the corner and continued running with no worry or fear about his own well-being; he was only concerned about Tina and Ellie. A few feet away, the girls were cornered and both pressed up against the wall, holding each other. As the Turned reached for them, Shaun brought the axe high above his head as he had done a thousand times before when cutting wood with his dad. He gripped the handle tightly and brought it down with all the force that he had in his body. The blade whistled through the air, embedding itself so far into the skull that the blade was no longer visible, and then split the Turned man’s skull in half. Dark red blood poured from the front and rear of his head. His arms dropped immediately and he fell to his knees, collapsing to the side. The girls both squirmed, moving away from the infected blood coming their way, jumping up on the shelving to get out of its reach.

Shaun placed his boot on Bynum’s shoulder and pulled up and down on the handle until he got the axe head dislodged from the man’s skull. He wiped the blade left and right on the corpse’s black shirt until the silver gleamed under the store’s lights. “Are you two all right?”


Mike Evans lives in Iowa with his wife and children. He writes for character depth because he wishes for you to love the character, regardless if they are the villain or the hero. He likes to write from a unique perspective, doing things with books that no one has done before. He keeps his characters realistic, there are no superhero like events that will happen. There are no perfect characters in his books, everyone has their flaws much like that of life.

Amazon Author Page http://www.amazon.com/Mike-Evans/e/B00IQ9Z75A/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/pages/M-Evans-Author/1438259789750360?ref=bookmarks

Twitter @mikee1123

Email m.evansauthor@gmail.com


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