Teaser: Luke Ahearn #SummerofZombie

Transformation Excerpts



Cooper felt as if his heart stopped when suddenly he tripped and fell flat on his face. His sister fell on his back. He was pinned down and the zombies were only a few feet from them. Before he could stand, Ellen was screaming and thrashing wildly as she fought for her life. Her screams intensified and he could feel her body getting jerked and pulled about. The only thought running through his mind was no, no, no, no, no. He tried to stand but was pushed back down to the ground by the violent struggle on top of him.

Then he felt his sister’s body suddenly lifted from his back. His eyes filled with tears as her bloodcurdling screams tore through him. He was desperate to save her even though he knew she was as good as gone.

Cooper planted his hands flat on the ground and tried to push himself up but he couldn’t stand, he couldn’t even get his chest off the ground. Immediately after his sister’s body left his back, feet were stomping him down. A knee here, a hand there, the dead were surging over his body. They were tripping, falling, and rising again to pursue their kill. His sister’s screams fueled him, and he pushed his muscles to the breaking point but it was no use, the weight of the zombies pressed him flat. It was getting difficult to breathe.

Facedown on the rough tarmac, his sister’s terrified screams suddenly ceased and Cooper wept. He gave up his fight to stand and waited to be torn apart and eaten alive.


He kept at his task, much preferring to work on an engine then to have to play host. After all the folks walked up the ramps and the sound of their bullshit receded, Weed pulled the flannel shirt off over his head. It was hot as hell with that thing on. He wiped his body down with it. He resumed his work and was deep in thought when he felt the presence of someone behind him and spun around.

“Finally got too hot for you?” Dale was smiling, arms folded and watching Weed closely. He was surprised at the old man’s physique. He wasn’t nearly as feeble as he pretended to be.

Dale eyed the older man, scanned every piece of ink and scar that cover his body. He raised his eyebrow. Well, well, you’ve done significant jail time, killed at least three men with official club sanction       , the club being the Wild Savages MC. Wow Francis you’ve lived the life. Stabbed a dozen times and took a couple of bullets. He grinned. And you took quite a lashing too. Piss off your brothers maybe? The puckered flesh looked old and healed up and the tattoo across his back declaring him a Wild Savage had obviously been there before the lashing

Weed’s eyes were momentarily wide with surprise, then narrowed to slits.

“Swastika under the neck bandage I assume.” Dale pointed at his own neck.

Weed tried to play it off. “Ah shit, busted.” He held his hands up as he thought of slitting this pigs’ throat and smiled. “You got me.”


“It’s simple,” Ben said calmly. “You two must fight to the death or I kill all three of you.”

Orange light danced along the blade of a large knife as it reflected flames from the roaring fire. Flesh puckered like fresh dough as the razor-sharp edge pressed against the nude girl’s throat. She sobbed uncontrollably and winced as Ben pulled on the long blond hair he had twisted in his grip. He rested his chin on her shoulder and smiled.

The girl was a bit heavy, which was why Ben selected her to be the sacrifice. He liked them skinny. She wept, her hands cupped over her vagina, her eyes filled with tears that rolled in thick rivulets down her cheeks. Her breath was a rasping staccato as it escaped between chattering teeth. Her body trembled violently from fear and cold.

Two young men, boys really, were standing naked in the glade in front of a huge fire. One was taller and more muscular. The other was skinny and small and shook like a leaf as he wept, blowing large snot bubbles.

“It’s OK Brett.” His voice cracked. “We both know what has to happen. Just make it quick.”

“I’m not killing you for that sick bastard.” Brett jabbed his finger at Ben, but refused to look at him. He grit his teeth and balled his fists as he looked at the other boy. Brett was this kid’s nemesis until very recently and bullied him relentlessly, but he wasn’t evil. Now they were bonded together as brothers as god awful circumstances tend to do.

Ben pressed the blade of his knife against the girl’s throat and she yelped as blood slowly trickled down her neck.

“C’mon on, you know how this is going to go.” Ben sneered.

“You hurt her and I will kill you. You think a knife scares me?”


*   *   *   *   *

The stench of rotting flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 30+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of June.

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