Teaser: Mark Tufo #SummerofZombie

Hey all here is but a small sample to whet your whistle! Please remember this has not been edited in any shape way or form and is really in its roughest drafts at the moment so place forgive any issues. Other than that I hope you enjoy it. Would have loved to add a bit more but we started getting in to spoiler territory. Obviously if you haven’t read up through ZF8 this might not want to be where you start!

 ZF1 (1)


Prologue –

The ride back from North Carolina was as emotionally high as I can remember being since the zombies had come. What I felt going forward would always be tempered with the losses we’d suffered along the way. So the baseline would be a lot lower to start with, it was an evil born from the devastation. Still though to feel elation, love, accomplishment, just the mere fact of being alive, healthy and among friends and family was nearly beyond words. Of course it was short lived and false but we had it in our grasp if only for a moment. We did not tempt fate much on that trip, we topped all the vehicles off with gas and everything else that even remotely resembled a liquid container so we would not have to stop again. We took shifts driving and in 24 hours we had gone from reunion to pulling into my brothers long lonely stretch of dirt roadway.

There was a moment as we were coming in that I felt I was hallucinating. My Jeep my awesomely beautiful fire engine red Jeep was parked off to the side. But that wasn’t possible. There was no way in hell anyone would risk their lives to go cross country to retrieve it. As nuts as I sometimes could get, the thought of doing this would never cross my mind. Okay wait that’s a falsehood. I have thought about it, I’ve also thought about riding a whale and eating 36 hot dogs none of which I would actually carry out to the liability phase. And to be honest I would be pissed at whoever had done it here. To what fucking point?

“Mike?” Tracy had asked as I walked around the Jeep.

“Yup it’s mine.”

“You sure?”

“Well there’s still Henry drool down the back windshield, I’m sure I could get that DNA tested. But unless someone is really into master pranks I’m not sure how they could have known what license plate to put on. I had Marine Corps plates. When the state of Colorado offered them I was like ‘Hell yeah!’ Figured I was even going to get a little discount on them for my time in the service, gotta admit I was a little let down when they charged ten dollars more for them. I opened up the side door dog smell came out. Henry was barking like mad as BT took him out and placed him on the ground. He rushed over to me and placed his paws on the running board. this was my cue to pick his ass up and place him inside. He started sniffing like someone had rubbed bacon all over the back seat.

His stub of a tail would alternate from swinging back and forth wildly to going stiff as a board when he came to certain scents he wasn’t sure about or did not like.

“Who did this?” BT asked.

“Someone that knew it was there.” I looked up to Ron’s house. It was just now I was noticing it was dark and I saw no movement. We hadn’t come in beeping horns and playing rock music loudly but still it was three cars in a world gone silent. We would have been heard for miles. I got a sick feeling in my stomach, had my Jeep been used as a Trojan horse? But those particular enemies were dead. Weren’t they?

Chapter One – Mike Journal Entry 1


“Weapons.” I said as silently as I could yet letting everyone know.

The mood changed suddenly and without question. Within a few seconds everyone was on high alert we had a loose circle formed and a complete perimeter covered.

“Dad what are we looking for?” Travis asked.

“Anything out of the ordinary.”

I could feel his questioning gaze without even turning to look. The entire world was out of the ordinary.

“You know what I mean.” I barely explained. “Let’s move closer.” I told the group. “Be careful for booby traps or land mines.”

“Hand mimes? They’re the best. One was so good I actually walked into the wall he was trying to get around.” Trip was for some reason carrying Henry.

We were a good twenty yards from Ron’s house. We had already got by the thick sharpened wooden poles entrenched into the ground at a zombie piercing angle. Next came a heavy chain link fence. Beyond that were the deep and narrow death trenches we’d carved into the ground. Then was Ron’s house from our angle we were staring into the gaping wound that was the burned out basement above that was a deck and it was from there I saw my first bit of movement. I gripped my rifle tighter if that was even possible.


“Mike?” We almost said it at the same time.

“Is it safe?” I asked pointing to the ground to get to him. He looked sad, defeated maybe. I hoped it was just tiredness. He smiled when he saw us, hugged and kissed everyone as well but I noticed the warmth never reached his eyes. He was holding onto something that had an icy grip on his heart. It was Justin that got the first hint of what was going on.

mark1 copy

*   *   *   *   *

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47 thoughts on “Teaser: Mark Tufo #SummerofZombie

  1. I can’t wait to read the whole book. I did not read the teaser, simply because it would be a tease. I just can’t.


  2. Reblogged this on The Blog of Whatnot and commented:
    “Hand mimes? They’re the best. One was so good I actually walked into the wall he was trying to get around.” This and other gems in this special Tufo snippet.


  3. I can not wait, from the sound of it this is where Zombie fallout and The book of Riley come together. ..I am very excited. ..


  4. Arrggghhhh… i knew i shouldn’t have read it!! Thought it would cure my withdrawal… in actual fact its made it worse!!! Damn it


  5. Forgot I was reading a teaser. Scrolled down for what Justin was thinking and BOOM…. no more to read. NNOOOOOOO!!! I love ZFand devour it like a hungry zombie as soon as the next book is released. I can’t wait for the next one.


  6. Love it Mark. I feel so hopeless that I know who was eaten but I’m holding my breath that it would be too obvious. Guess time will tell.


  7. Can’t wait to read it! It took me awhile to read 7 and 8 but figured I could binge read till the end. Then to find out another one is in the works! I am so impatient but sounds great already 🙂


  8. Omg!!! So good, just can’t wait for the book!!!! I so wanna know who …..well no spoilers but gotta know, gotta know!!!! Love the ZF series and all the characters. Please let Justin’s GF be ok. #missmesomeriley#bringingtwogreatstoriestogether


  9. now I’ve got the crack head itches!!! Thanks for the peak though. I love trip, and I can’t wait to find out his “higher purpose” as he’s always popping up in mikes many lives. Stay safe sir!!


  10. I knew I shouldn’t have read this bit I couldn’t stop myself. Any little bit about Michael Talbot and his group is balm to my readers soul. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!


  11. Damn you! The scene of the single zombie that managed to get into the house has been plaguing me (just re-listened) and who had been bitten is eating away at me! So this tidbit was just mean! I’m already hooked, now I’m like a junky waiting for my fix! Honestly I think I developed a twitch as I read this wee morsel, that will now develop into full on DT’s from the quick withdrawl. Not enough man! I’ll get over it, you just keep at it, deliver the gods and no one will get hurt 😉 thanks for sharing the teaser, ya bastard!


  12. Omg I love you and hate you at the same time Mark Tufo! Here I am trying to take 5 minutes brk at work to have my employees hear me yell NOOOO. When this teaser ended it soooo left me wanting to read more!…. you are such a tease with this lol


  13. I’m shocked at how much I am looking forward to what I know will be a heartbreaking scene. I will be picking up the audiobook as soon as it comes out. Runnette is a perfect narrator for the books.


  14. Mark Tufo has got to be the single most entertaining author in this age and genre. I eagerly anticipate the release of each of his books.


  15. I love love love the ZF series but the wait between books is killing me! Loved the teaser, tho. Gives my brain a jolt of Tufo to prepare for the “real thing”! Great book coming!


  16. Read the series twice now. The second time as riveting as the first. The teaser for zf9 hints the continuation of Mikes’ life and that of his family and friends will not disappoint Tufo fans around the world.


  17. It’s like coming home having Talbot back in Maine .Mike thanks for all the hours of enjoyment . It has become a mission of mine to share this fun with as many people as are interested


  18. I can’t say that you did not warn us about the teaser. It’s my fault I fell for it and read it. Now, I must pay and suffer the waiting game for the book. Darn, who got eatten? I hope it wasn’t who I think it is. If it is, what a twist. It would explain Mike’s mind set in Lycan Fallout. Great job Tufo, whoever it is.


  19. so can’t wait for ZF9!!!! As I sit here thinking of something half intelligible to say, eating spring rolls while the mouse in my head is begrudgingly turning the wheels with its decrepit tiny limbs, I then realise… I never have anything intelligible to say, so alas! I have nothing…but keep up the good work Tufo!!!!!


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