Teaser: A. Giacomi #SummerofZombie

Zombie Girl Teaser


Eve Brenner was an ordinary girl from an ordinary small town. She always dreamed of becoming something more. Her desire for excitement leads her to study archaeology in university and she lands herself a volunteer spot on a high profile dig in Egypt. Her best friends Alexandra, and Cameron (who has had a crush on Eve since High school) join her on the journey and share the same lust for adventure, but they get more than they bargained for.

Eve decides to wander off on her own and inspect some restricted areas at the dig site. Her eagerness for fame and praise from her favourite professor Dr. Whalther Hugo Augustus, lead her deep into a dark tomb. Eve soon realizes that she is not alone down there. Something in the shadows bites her, and changes her life forever.

When Eve wakes up after the attack, she senses that something is different, but she can’t understand what it is. After the doctors tend to her wounds she starts to experience something strange. There was once a large bite on her arm, but it has quickly vanished. Eve appears to be healing rapidly and inexplicably. Instead of sharing this phenomenon with her friends Cam and Alex she decides to keep it to herself for fear that word will travel and she will become some lab pet used for study.

Eve soon realizes that she is experiencing more than just rapid healing. There is a hunger growing inside of her. She lusts for flesh. Eve is terrified that she is turning into a zombie and has no idea how to approach her best friends with this news, although they are very aware that something strange has been going on with Eve since their return home from Egypt.

Once back at school Eve is horrified to wake up back in her dorm room covered in blood. Eve’s illness causes her to lose control of her body. She blacks out and her illness takes over. She has no idea where she has been and what she has done. Eve is now forced to tell Cam and Alex everything. She can no longer hide now that Alex has seen her covered in blood. The news terrifies her friends, but they are more worried about saving her.

Eve soon puts the pieces together and finds out that she has committed an unspeakable crime. She has murdered Cam’s father. Even though he wasn’t the kindest man, she feels nauseated and returns to her small town to find out more about what happened to him. What she finds is even more terrifying. Eve learns that she has spawned a new zombie. Cam’s father is back and building an army of his own. Cam is becoming more uncertain of his feelings for Eve as his fear grows. Eve on the other had is only just beginning to realize her true feelings for Cam, and is afraid that it may be too late to do anything about it. Regardless of the romantic tension, Eve, Cam and Alex must work together to bury Cam’s father for good. Little do they know that the relief of taking down a zombie army will be short lived.

Once back on campus, Eve’s best friends urge her to seek help and advice from the Professor that took them to Egypt in the first place. Dr. Augustus, affectionately called Dr. August, knows more than he lets on at first. He eventually shares his research, and explains that Eve is infected with something called the Azrael Virus. It gives the host incredible powers, but it comes with a price, one would need to feed on humans to survive. Eve struggles to tame her hunger and find a cure, but even with Dr. August, Cam, and Alex babysitting Eve, she still manages to get into trouble.

The horror continues when Eve, trying to ignore her hunger, accidentally feeds upon some hikers on a trail just outside of her campus. This sends Eve into a frenzy, she no longer knows who she is and wishes she could self-destruct, but her quick healing would never permit that. The best she could hope for was a cure, but that was looking rather unlikely.

What makes this all worse is that a nosy dorm leader named Claire, has been snooping around trying to find out why Eve is acting so strange. Her fixation on Eve stems from her obsession to be with Cam. A desire that is bordering on insanity. Claire is quite simply a stalker. Claire is jealous of Cam and Eve’s relationship and will do anything to separate them.

One evening Claire takes things a bit too far with Cam and Eve retaliates by biting her in a fit of rage. This results in the creation of another super zombie. Claire is not only strong, but bred of a pure evil. She will stop at nothing to get what she desires. Eve must vanquish her before she takes down the entire campus. Can Eve save her friends, her campus, and herself?


*   *   *   *   *

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