Teaser: Candy O’Donnell #SummerofZombie

Z-Radio 2



Later that evening I sat near the office and decided to strike out on my own, without anyone else knowing what my intentions were. Words could not describe the feelings twisting within my chest. I felt like somehow I was abandoning those in the building. After one last glance at the station, I strode from the area with Darren, Ryan, and the doc in tow.

We had let in an entire eater pack while the others were sleeping. They hadn’t tied me up that tightly. I knew they wanted to harm me, and it was not my time to die. My heart knew what needed to be done. It was up to me to ensure the three men’s safety after I unbolted the door and let in the hungry horde.

One almost bit Ryan, but Darren was able to stab it in the eye before his arm became chuck roast. That would not have been a pretty sight, and I would have felt so bad if the kid had become an eater.

I knew life would not be easy as I packed some bottles of water and a half dozen power bars into my sack before leaving. I then slowly moved toward the rear of the radio station. I was so quick the enemy never even saw me move swiftly past them. When the door opened the three of us bolted over the asphalt and toward the eight-foot fence that we climbed over together.

The undead gripped the cyclone fencing with their fleshy fingers and shook it violently. That was when I realized those within the station had their hands full of bloody eaters. I wanted to stick around to see the roast, but we needed to get out of there before something happened to us.


Ryan and Darren returned with bags of groceries. Before the apocalypse, we might have spent over eight hundred dollars on what they carted in. They dropped canned goods, such as vegetables and canned fruits, on the kitchen floor. The two women in our group began putting it away in the cupboards. They set what would perish on the table.

We didn’t want anything to go to waste. With the electricity off and our only means of cooking a BBQ outside, we needed to use caution to prevent food rot, so the adults quickly cut up the fruit and fed it to the kids. We knew we could only cook at night to prevent outsiders or eaters from spotting us.


Night fell on our little band of survivors. I had recovered after seeing Greg, and listened to the crickets chirping below. We all knew nothing was there or else all would be quiet. It was nice to hear them for a change. Usually we heard the undead and their tunes.

“I like that sound,” Doc said in a low voice. “I had some in my office just for the noise.” I thought I heard him grin but was not sure.

When they suddenly stopped we did too. It meant something was coming into the yard. Darren had spread out the tarp and the rope ladder was pulled inside, so no one or nothing was going to get us.

A light suddenly shined throughout the entire area, then we heard a male voice say, “They’re not here. I’m not sure why you brought us on this wild goose chase.”


At nightfall, I tracked after Darren and Ryan out the back door and over the small wooden terrace that creaked with each step we took. After stopping many times to look around for any eaters, I decided to hurry toward the wooden fence and peek over. Darkness met my eyes, but in the dimness of the yard, something moved along the far corner of it. I could not make out what it was, but I knew it was not an eater. The shadowy figure was not walking upright.


*   *   *   *   *

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Teaser: A. Giacomi #SummerofZombie

Zombie Girl Teaser


Eve Brenner was an ordinary girl from an ordinary small town. She always dreamed of becoming something more. Her desire for excitement leads her to study archaeology in university and she lands herself a volunteer spot on a high profile dig in Egypt. Her best friends Alexandra, and Cameron (who has had a crush on Eve since High school) join her on the journey and share the same lust for adventure, but they get more than they bargained for.

Eve decides to wander off on her own and inspect some restricted areas at the dig site. Her eagerness for fame and praise from her favourite professor Dr. Whalther Hugo Augustus, lead her deep into a dark tomb. Eve soon realizes that she is not alone down there. Something in the shadows bites her, and changes her life forever.

When Eve wakes up after the attack, she senses that something is different, but she can’t understand what it is. After the doctors tend to her wounds she starts to experience something strange. There was once a large bite on her arm, but it has quickly vanished. Eve appears to be healing rapidly and inexplicably. Instead of sharing this phenomenon with her friends Cam and Alex she decides to keep it to herself for fear that word will travel and she will become some lab pet used for study.

Eve soon realizes that she is experiencing more than just rapid healing. There is a hunger growing inside of her. She lusts for flesh. Eve is terrified that she is turning into a zombie and has no idea how to approach her best friends with this news, although they are very aware that something strange has been going on with Eve since their return home from Egypt.

Once back at school Eve is horrified to wake up back in her dorm room covered in blood. Eve’s illness causes her to lose control of her body. She blacks out and her illness takes over. She has no idea where she has been and what she has done. Eve is now forced to tell Cam and Alex everything. She can no longer hide now that Alex has seen her covered in blood. The news terrifies her friends, but they are more worried about saving her.

Eve soon puts the pieces together and finds out that she has committed an unspeakable crime. She has murdered Cam’s father. Even though he wasn’t the kindest man, she feels nauseated and returns to her small town to find out more about what happened to him. What she finds is even more terrifying. Eve learns that she has spawned a new zombie. Cam’s father is back and building an army of his own. Cam is becoming more uncertain of his feelings for Eve as his fear grows. Eve on the other had is only just beginning to realize her true feelings for Cam, and is afraid that it may be too late to do anything about it. Regardless of the romantic tension, Eve, Cam and Alex must work together to bury Cam’s father for good. Little do they know that the relief of taking down a zombie army will be short lived.

Once back on campus, Eve’s best friends urge her to seek help and advice from the Professor that took them to Egypt in the first place. Dr. Augustus, affectionately called Dr. August, knows more than he lets on at first. He eventually shares his research, and explains that Eve is infected with something called the Azrael Virus. It gives the host incredible powers, but it comes with a price, one would need to feed on humans to survive. Eve struggles to tame her hunger and find a cure, but even with Dr. August, Cam, and Alex babysitting Eve, she still manages to get into trouble.

The horror continues when Eve, trying to ignore her hunger, accidentally feeds upon some hikers on a trail just outside of her campus. This sends Eve into a frenzy, she no longer knows who she is and wishes she could self-destruct, but her quick healing would never permit that. The best she could hope for was a cure, but that was looking rather unlikely.

What makes this all worse is that a nosy dorm leader named Claire, has been snooping around trying to find out why Eve is acting so strange. Her fixation on Eve stems from her obsession to be with Cam. A desire that is bordering on insanity. Claire is quite simply a stalker. Claire is jealous of Cam and Eve’s relationship and will do anything to separate them.

One evening Claire takes things a bit too far with Cam and Eve retaliates by biting her in a fit of rage. This results in the creation of another super zombie. Claire is not only strong, but bred of a pure evil. She will stop at nothing to get what she desires. Eve must vanquish her before she takes down the entire campus. Can Eve save her friends, her campus, and herself?


*   *   *   *   *

The stench of rotting flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 30+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of June.

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Teaser: Jolie Du Pre #SummerofZombie


Standing outside the tent city gates, our situation becomes all the more real. We no longer have access to the van we used to drive to Tent City. Until we get on the helicopter and get to Oklahoma, we have no place to stay. We’re homeless and on foot now. That’s it.

“All right,” Todd says. “We’ve got a long walk ahead. So let’s stick together. Keep your eyes and ears open.”

“How do we know your helicopter is even where it’s supposed to be?” says Angela. Despite our being in the zombie apocalypse, her short, dark hair looks like it’s been cut at a salon. Someone must be good with the scissors.

Todd rolls his eyes. “I told you before. My chopper is locked up. Nobody is going to get to it. Besides, you’d have to know how to fly the fucker.”

“Don’t get snippy,” says Angela. “I was just asking.”

Wayne wraps his arm around his wife. “Okay, hon. Enough! We need to get a move on.” He’s barely said a word since we met. I’m assuming Angela does most of the talking in their marriage.

Angela pulls away from him. “I can’t help it. I’m hungry. I’m always hungry, now.”

“I’ve got some granola bars in my pack. Do you want one?” I ask.

Angela laughs. “Honey, if I eat another one of those, I’ll puke. I wish I could get some real food.”

“I heard that!” says Marcus. “I’d love a steak.”

“Or, how about pizza?” says Robert. “I miss pizza.”

“Yeah, well we kissed those days goodbye a long time ago, remember?” says Todd. “Now let’s move.”

“You sure you know the way?” says Marcus.

“You know I do. I’ve been planning this for months.”

* * *

We’ve been walking for about a half hour, but I feel okay. I don’t feel nauseous at all.

The sun is beaming down on us, but it’s not too hot. I’ve got two water bottles in my backpack. I remove one and take a sip.

Robert keeps looking down at his boot. Then he stops in his tracks, unties his boot, and takes it off.

Now we’re a few yards ahead, and before I can tell everyone to stop and wait for him, Todd notices Robert’s behind us. “What are you doing, dude?”

“Something’s caught here.”

“Alright. Hurry up. We’ve got to keep moving.”

As I take another sip of my water, out of the corner of my eye, I see two zombies on the road. They’re not seriously decayed, so I guess they haven’t been zombies for long.

They move with their heads lowered, and their eyes focused on the ground, but then they see us. As soon as they see us, there’s that horrible growl as they speed up.

“Oh God!” says Angela.

“Get up!” Todd shouts.

Robert’s boot is still off when he looks behind him and sees the zombies. He leaves his boot and rushes toward us while fumbling to remove his gun from its holster. He’s acting as if it’s stuck. Meanwhile, the zombies are getting closer.

Robert finally gets himself together and shoots at the two zombies, but he misses.

“Move out of the way,” says Marcus, pointing his gun. “Move out of the way, man!”

Robert runs over to the side. Marcus shoots and gets one down, but the other zombie was not hit and is still moving.

Now Todd shoots the other zombie before it can reach us. He looks at Robert. “Jesus fucking Christ. You okay?”

Robert nods his head rapidly. “Yeah, yeah, I’m good.”

“Get your boot on so we can get the hell out of here.”

“Yeah, yeah,” says Robert. He rushes over to his boot, and then he runs back to us and puts it on while we guard him.

“Does anyone else have any shoe problems?” says Todd.

“No,” we say.

“Good. Then let’s move.”


*   *   *   *   *

The stench of rotting flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 30+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of June.

Stop by the event page on Facebook so you don’t miss an interview, guest post or teaser…and pick up some great swag as well!

Giveaways galore from most of the authors as well as interaction with them!

#SummerofZombie is the hashtag for Twitter, too!

Teaser: Mark Tufo #SummerofZombie

Hey all here is but a small sample to whet your whistle! Please remember this has not been edited in any shape way or form and is really in its roughest drafts at the moment so place forgive any issues. Other than that I hope you enjoy it. Would have loved to add a bit more but we started getting in to spoiler territory. Obviously if you haven’t read up through ZF8 this might not want to be where you start!

 ZF1 (1)


Prologue –

The ride back from North Carolina was as emotionally high as I can remember being since the zombies had come. What I felt going forward would always be tempered with the losses we’d suffered along the way. So the baseline would be a lot lower to start with, it was an evil born from the devastation. Still though to feel elation, love, accomplishment, just the mere fact of being alive, healthy and among friends and family was nearly beyond words. Of course it was short lived and false but we had it in our grasp if only for a moment. We did not tempt fate much on that trip, we topped all the vehicles off with gas and everything else that even remotely resembled a liquid container so we would not have to stop again. We took shifts driving and in 24 hours we had gone from reunion to pulling into my brothers long lonely stretch of dirt roadway.

There was a moment as we were coming in that I felt I was hallucinating. My Jeep my awesomely beautiful fire engine red Jeep was parked off to the side. But that wasn’t possible. There was no way in hell anyone would risk their lives to go cross country to retrieve it. As nuts as I sometimes could get, the thought of doing this would never cross my mind. Okay wait that’s a falsehood. I have thought about it, I’ve also thought about riding a whale and eating 36 hot dogs none of which I would actually carry out to the liability phase. And to be honest I would be pissed at whoever had done it here. To what fucking point?

“Mike?” Tracy had asked as I walked around the Jeep.

“Yup it’s mine.”

“You sure?”

“Well there’s still Henry drool down the back windshield, I’m sure I could get that DNA tested. But unless someone is really into master pranks I’m not sure how they could have known what license plate to put on. I had Marine Corps plates. When the state of Colorado offered them I was like ‘Hell yeah!’ Figured I was even going to get a little discount on them for my time in the service, gotta admit I was a little let down when they charged ten dollars more for them. I opened up the side door dog smell came out. Henry was barking like mad as BT took him out and placed him on the ground. He rushed over to me and placed his paws on the running board. this was my cue to pick his ass up and place him inside. He started sniffing like someone had rubbed bacon all over the back seat.

His stub of a tail would alternate from swinging back and forth wildly to going stiff as a board when he came to certain scents he wasn’t sure about or did not like.

“Who did this?” BT asked.

“Someone that knew it was there.” I looked up to Ron’s house. It was just now I was noticing it was dark and I saw no movement. We hadn’t come in beeping horns and playing rock music loudly but still it was three cars in a world gone silent. We would have been heard for miles. I got a sick feeling in my stomach, had my Jeep been used as a Trojan horse? But those particular enemies were dead. Weren’t they?

Chapter One – Mike Journal Entry 1


“Weapons.” I said as silently as I could yet letting everyone know.

The mood changed suddenly and without question. Within a few seconds everyone was on high alert we had a loose circle formed and a complete perimeter covered.

“Dad what are we looking for?” Travis asked.

“Anything out of the ordinary.”

I could feel his questioning gaze without even turning to look. The entire world was out of the ordinary.

“You know what I mean.” I barely explained. “Let’s move closer.” I told the group. “Be careful for booby traps or land mines.”

“Hand mimes? They’re the best. One was so good I actually walked into the wall he was trying to get around.” Trip was for some reason carrying Henry.

We were a good twenty yards from Ron’s house. We had already got by the thick sharpened wooden poles entrenched into the ground at a zombie piercing angle. Next came a heavy chain link fence. Beyond that were the deep and narrow death trenches we’d carved into the ground. Then was Ron’s house from our angle we were staring into the gaping wound that was the burned out basement above that was a deck and it was from there I saw my first bit of movement. I gripped my rifle tighter if that was even possible.


“Mike?” We almost said it at the same time.

“Is it safe?” I asked pointing to the ground to get to him. He looked sad, defeated maybe. I hoped it was just tiredness. He smiled when he saw us, hugged and kissed everyone as well but I noticed the warmth never reached his eyes. He was holding onto something that had an icy grip on his heart. It was Justin that got the first hint of what was going on.

mark1 copy

*   *   *   *   *

The stench of rotting flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 30+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of June.

Stop by the event page on Facebook so you don’t miss an interview, guest post or teaser…and pick up some great swag as well!

Giveaways galore from most of the authors as well as interaction with them!

#SummerofZombie is the hashtag for Twitter, too!

Teaser: Saul Tanpepper #SummerofZombie

Teaser for Contain (a BUNKER 12 title)


“Phones are down.”

“Phones? How is that even possible?” I notice that the lights on the street are out. In fact, lights everywhere are out. I smell smoke. “What’s happening?”

“Not now, Finn,” he says, his words clipped. He slips past the front of the car, keys jangling in his hand. “Hurry!”

A block away, someone is running down the sidewalk in our direction, a woman. I can’t tell who it is, but she’s really in a hurry. And something in the way she moves strikes me as odd.

“Get in the car!” Dad hisses.

“But maybe she knows—”

“Get in the goddamn car, Finn! Now!

I glance back at the woman, and suddenly I’m terrified. She’s moving way too fast, and I don’t like the way her legs scissor. It’s not natural.

“Dad, what’s going on?”

The door opens and slams into me, jolting me away from the car before he grabs my shirt and yanks me inside. My head hits the edge of the roof. I see stars.

“Close the damn door!”

The engine starts up, howls angrily as he stomps on the gas. But it’s not in gear. He shifts, and then we’re tearing off down the street, tires screaming.

We approach the running figure, and just for a moment I see her face in the car’s headlights. There’s nothing but darkness in her eyes. No emotion, no awareness. She turns as we pass and she reaches out for us. Dad swerves.

As we accelerate away, something about her shifts, and a howl of rage erupts out of her throat, sending an icy shiver through me. She grabs for us, but her fingers slip off the metal and she tumbles to the pavement.

“What the hell?” I shout. “I think you hit her! Stop!”

What the hell was wrong with her?

“Get your seatbelt on, son.” He throws a glance at my lap, then into the rearview mirror. “Do it!”

I reach over and clip it on. “Dad, please, tell me what’s going on?”

He grips the steering wheel and barely slows when we reach the stop sign at the end of the block. The tires screech and the car fishtails around the corner.


“Finn! Not now. I need to think.”

“Think about what? This is crazy! Slow down.” I point out the windshield, gesturing at the road ahead. “Speed limit’s twenty-five here! You’re going to kill—”

And that’s when I see them.

They’re everywhere— in the streets, on lawns. Standing around with their faces in the air, as if they were watching something in the sky but suddenly forgot that they were. They all turn to look at us, and they all have those dead, empty eyes.

Every coherent thought in my head completely vanishes. They look like zombies.

“Can’t go through town,” Dad mutters. “Too many.”

“Too many what? Dad, what’s wrong with them?”

The muscles in his cheeks ripple as his jaw flexes. He casts a look over at me, purses his lips, then focuses again on the road.


“It’s some sort of disease,” he answers, and once more the Z-word comes to mind. But there’s no blood. No one is trying to eat anyone else. No blood yet, anyway, because nobody realized what was happening until much later, when most people were already lost to the infection.

Only then was there blood. And a hell of a lot of it.

“What kind of disease?”

But he refuses to say anything else. He doesn’t explain how he knows, and I don’t press him on it.

The erratic driving makes my nose throb again. Thankfully, it’s not bleeding. A lump has formed on the side of my head where I hit it on the door jamb.

We drive for another thirty minutes, taking side streets and avoiding crowds of people. Everywhere, the power is out. Signal lights aren’t working. There’s surprisingly little traffic on the roads. Apparently, everyone decided to walk instead of drive.

Dad tells me not to look, but I can’t help it. What happened to them? How long will it last? How did it spread so quickly?

The afflicted are in no hurry. They just amble along. At least until we get close enough to pass them. Then they run, and they all have that same loping, slithering gait I first saw in front of the house.

At some point, panic finally sets in among the unafflicted. People are beginning to understand that something very bad is happening, that there’s something very wrong with these people. They start fighting back, which only makes matters worse. That’s when I see my first killing.

It’s a horrible, bloody, violent ordeal, over in a matter of seconds, though in my mind it stretches out to an eternity. And when they’re done, there’s practically nothing left of the victim but a few tattered strips of flesh and glistening white bone.

“Finn,” my father pleads with me, “don’t look.”

When I turn to him to beg him to wake me up, when I see the tears on his own face, I know I’m not dreaming. This is real.

We end up at the small regional airport that services the tiny jets of the rich folks who live and work in the valley. I ask where we’re going, if we’re flying out. He sighs and says, “Don’t worry.”

“What about Mom? What about Harper and Leah?”

“We had a plan,” he explains. “In case this sort of thing happened.”

This sort of thing? I want to shout. This sort of thing is absolutely crazy. How do you plan for this sort of thing? But my throat has constricted. I scramble for my inhaler before remembering I still don’t have it.

Through the fog of the asthma attack, I hear him say, “They’re supposed to meet us here.”

They never did.


*   *   *   *   *

The stench of rotting flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015, with 30+ of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of June.

Stop by the event page on Facebook so you don’t miss an interview, guest post or teaser…and pick up some great swag as well!

Giveaways galore from most of the authors as well as interaction with them!

#SummerofZombie is the hashtag for Twitter, too!