Guest Post: Greg P. Ferrell #SummerofZombie

What is Humanity’s Hope about?


That is the number one question I get asked almost daily. The easy and short answer is, it’s a tale of surviving a zombie apocalypse but that does not do justice to the story. So I’m going to do the long answer here without giving away any spoilers for the series.

Humanity’s Hope is a story of a girl who is thrust into the center of a war against an overpowering enemy with the goal of dominating the world. The zombies though aren’t that enemy. Zombies are part of the problem she and her companions will have to deal with to get to the bigger problem. They are dangerous and vicious but not the end goal.

The girl is eighteen-year-old Hope. Up until the outbreak that brought the zombies into being she was just a typical high school girl with dreams of prom and graduating. When the outbreak happened she, with her Dad, younger brother and sister, holed up inside of a Camp that they created by fortifying their neighborhood. With the help of friends and other survivors they try and wait out the devastation. All of them are unaware of a secret history their family has that will come to light when an old friend of the family visits them. As the camp is overrun on two fronts the survivors scatter thinking that they are done for but that is the least of their problems.

The real problem lies with a secret group of individuals who are part of an organization that has long played in the background of human life. They pulled the strings to make the people in visible power do what they wanted. The rumors have swirled about a group like this for centuries, The Illuminati, Skull and Bones and the Free Masons are just some that have long been thought to be some of those players. The truth is those groups were created by this group to keep themselves well hidden. This group knows the real history of the world since they forged it. War, financial collapse, disease, and rebellion were their doing. History is told by the victors and rarely relays the real truth of what happened.

Kane is the current leader of that secret group dubbed The Council. He has an agenda that will lead them to his endgame and that is to finally rule the human population out in the open instead of behind the scenes. He gathers all of his fellow members from around the globe to a safe zone created in South Florida and will reveal his plan to them. Their secret life will finally be made public and that is not a good thing.

A man amongst them will have to come to realize the danger Kane and his fellow Council members present. That man is Vice President Miller, the highest ranking official left from the old government. He will need to think back a long time and remember an experiment that he was apart of to fully understand what he is up against.

Another aspect of the story is the tale of Hutch, a recently retired Navy S.E.A.L who has taken it upon himself to eradicate the zombie population. Every dead slab, as he calls them, is one last problem in the world. However one at a time is too slow and he comes up with many different ways to kill as many as possible at one time. Be it dropping a building on them or baiting them into a trap, his options are never limited or boring. While he travels across the country there is a separate mission he is on that for the time being is only his to know of.

The story is similar at first. The zombies come and civilization is destroyed but it quickly takes a hard right turn and speeds towards an Epic adventure pitting a small group of survivors against a formerly secret foe that has had to come out of the shadows to claim their place as the leaders of Humanity.

In the process secrets will be revealed and changes will happen to some of the survivors. New threats will pop up from hiding and a few new allies in the fight will be revealed. Hang on to your seats and enjoy the ride. I don’t think any of the characters will.

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