Guest Post: Mike Evans #SummerofZombie

The Shaun Fox Interview


Mike Evans


Washington 4 years after outbreak. Location The Orphans Brigade Headquarter

I can’t say that our meeting was chance. I had heard of Shaun Fox the great and brave Shaun Fox. I hadn’t planned on such an in depth interview at the time, all I wanted to do was ask him the same thing that everyone asked him, what’s next, can they be stopped, when do you quit trying? Will you ever quit trying. While looking for him I caught him after the end of a gun fight, there were turned lying everywhere, as well as his own men and women on the ground and roof. It was a blood bath and it was difficult to be able to walk without getting the blood on your boots. He knew from the description that he thought he’d seen shaun it was a man that was six foot five inches tall. I walked up to him and I said, “Hello, My name is Jack…Jack Wallen. I want to interview you about.”

The man turned around smiling shaking his head. He said, “My name isnt Shaun it’s Freddy. You are looking for that kid over there, the one helping stack bodies.”

I said, “But that guy isn’t a giant, there’s no way that he could be -”

“No way he could be the saviour of everyone, the one who is going to save us, the one who will finally be able to take those things to the grave that they deserve and that they stay there. No he isn’t a giant, but he is twice the man that any one of us you included could ever strive to be.”

“But I always thought that yu know the stories about him.”

“Simple enough, the men that change the world can look like ordinary ones but it doesn’t make them any less of men. You go over there, tell him that you spoke to me. I will say I vouched for you. What is it you want to interview him for? It isn’t like there are any papers still running.”

“I’ve got paper and one day much like when Washington was elected the first president of America people are going to need to learn about our founders, and about the men that made this country great. Well i’m going to be the one with it there outstretched in my hands so that there will be a record for it.”

Freddy nodded pointing in his direction. He said, “Watch it, he’s kind o in a shit mood today.”

I walked over slowly staring at Shaun. He was tossing men off of the side of the building. I cleared my throat trying to get Shaun’s attention. He looked up his eyes were dark and looked tired but more intense than anyone elses that he’d seen before it. I said, “Hi my name is Jack.”

Shaun cut in, “Nice to meet you Jack, what do you want?”

I need to speak to you. “I’m a reporter, I heard a rumor that you used to write yourself, when you aren’t out killing the Turned.”

shaun said, “You don’t kill the Turned you just keep them from putting anyone else through misery. Yes I used to write, but today i’m busy throwing bodies off the side of the building.”

“What about burials?”

“Burials are a commodity that we no longer have the ability to afford the dead. These are Turned anyways they get no sympathy from me.”

“You don’t feel for them?”

“It’s hard at times when there isn’t anything to sympathize to. They got bit, they turned, they are no longer human all they do is take from those that I try to help. What do you want to know.”

“Uh oh shit, you are going to answer my questions. Are you kidding, oh my god this is great. Ok tell me what is up with you and Ellie, i’ve heard the rumors.”

“Next question.”

“Seriously it’s what everyone wants to know, besides the obvious.”

“You know the obvious, will we ever stop them, will we ever find a cure?”

Shaun pulled out his knife dropping the man onto the ground. He said, “You want to see if there will be a cure? He pulled a pair of latex gloves out of his pocket sliced him down the middle and spread the man’s chest wide open.”

I ran to the side of the building where I sent a rainbow colored arch of puke down off of the building. “I, I don’t understand what is going on. What are we going to do with this.”

Shaun pushed up ripping the chest apart and pulled out a handful of rotted black guts and heart.
“You see this, do you Jack? What is there here to cure? What can be done with this, i’ll tell you what, nothing, not a damn thing. Once that infection happens, once you take the first flesh from your own arm, you are dead and you will stay that way. Now if you want to have a interview I suggest you make it quick.”

“Ok so ellie is off limits right?”

Shaun tilted his head and I said, “Ok, ok fine, that sucks but whatever. What about your dad, is that a touchy subject to?”

“Do many people like you Jack?”

“Depends on the person really. Your dad though, do you resent him, do you hate him?”

“You sure you don’t want to interview Ellie?”

“Your dad Shaun? People are going to want to know, maybe not for a long time, but you might not know this but you are a hero.”

“God I hate it when people call me that. Fine you want to get down to the dirty shit lets rock. Ellie, I love her, I always will, but I don’t know if we can ever be together, its a difficult question. There have been decisions i’ve had to make that she hasn’t liked, decisions that have kept, her, myself and others alive. Hard choices wouldn’t be called that if that isn’t what they were. My dad oh hell, I don’t know. Do i understand what it is that he thought he had to do? Sure I do, do I think he would have continued if he would have had the information that he needed, thats questionable but i’d lean towards no. Love is blind I guess, and he just proves that doesn’t he.”

“Do you resent him for leaving you when you were young? When your mom was losing her fight?”

“No, not anymore. I’ve given up on resentment on hating him. It was what my mom was trying to tell me on her death bed, about putting those ahead of you that you love, or that you can help, to fight for the greater good. He was doing that, it just didn’t go the way any of them wanted it to, they came up with the devil when they were looking for a blessing.”

“Wow that’s good, like really good. I just have a couple more questions for you.”

“Sorry kid, these things don’t take care of themselves. If you run across me again, look me up. I might even answer you some more questions Jack.”

Mike Evans lives in Iowa with his wife and children. He writes for character depth because he wishes for you to love the character, regardless if they are the villain or the hero. He likes to write from a unique perspective, doing things with books that no one has done before. He keeps his characters realistic, there are no superhero like events that will happen. There are no perfect characters in his books, everyone has their flaws much like that of life.

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