Guest Post: C.A. Verstraete #SummerofZombie

Excerpt from Changes, a GIRL Z Prequel by C.A. Verstraete


About the book:

* In Changes, A GIRL Z Prequel story, Spence’s “perfect” job is anything but. He escapes a living dead nightmare when his co-workers turn into flesh-eating monsters. As the plague spreads, follow Spence on his return home to see his family one last time… if he can make it.

This is a short story prequel to my book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie.

Chapter One

It wasn’t the way Spence Sanchez had wanted to leave Wisconsin, flying out the front door of his childhood home, bag in hand, his mother yelling at his back, but he knew it was time. She’d been right, of course, not that he’d ever admit it out loud, let alone tell her. He’d turned into a bum. He needed to move out and get on with his life.

Spence remembered standing on the sidewalk and looking back, taking in the familiar white, ranch-style house and his mother’s stocky frame in the doorway. “Call you later,” he’d yelled and waved.

He did call home after arriving in Kentucky for his new job, but when his mother didn’t answer, he’d left a curt message about getting there safe. Nothing else.

Regret gnawed at him. He should’ve said more, lots more.

Chapter Two

“Bloody hell.”

Spence bolted from bed, his heart pounding. He stared at the alarm clock—the damn silent, non-working, no-alarm clock— and scrambled to his feet. Late. He was frigging late again. His super Joe Blowanski, (yeah, they called him Joe Blow behind his back) had warned him about coming in late again. Third time this week. Pretty bad when he lived just down the road in a dorm, right?

Spence swore as he raced to dress and get out as quick as possible. The door slammed behind him and he’d almost made it to the stairs when an odd moan caught his ear. Was somebody sick?


He stopped, the hairs standing up on his neck. That sounded like at lot more than somebody being sick. What the—? His stomach cramped in fear. Don’t turn around, he told himself. But he did.

His dorm-mate Darren—or at least what used to be him—stared back from rheumy white eyes.

Spence stumbled backward, not sure he wanted to get too close. “D-D-Darren? What the hell happened to you?”

The old Darren would’ve joked and laughed. This one didn’t say a word. His co-worker simply moaned and stumbled toward him…

* C.A. (Christine) Verstraete is the author of GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie and several short stories. See details at her website or visit her blog,

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