Guest Post: PM Barnes #SummerofZombie


The first book in the Zombie Seed series is not the usual start point.  We jump in a year after the outbreak and stumble into a community of survivors who are attempting to knit their lives back together.  This is a time where the daily threat of the undead, has taken a back seat to the struggles of rebuilding a community.

What was very important to me was to bring in elements that I wasn’t really seeing in other books from the genre.  I wanted to place a lot of focus on the psychological effects of being tossed into a situation where so much that we rely on has changed.

What happens to human beings when they are forced to witness things that are beyond comprehension?  What are the aftershocks once the original battle has been fought and you are left to pick up the pieces?

These are the questions that I explore through my main character Claire. She is a solid female lead, who is as complicated and crazy as she is strong and clever.  I wrote her in a way that reflected how I think I’d handle some of the situations she has to face.

Claire comes together as a multi-dimensional character that we both love and hate a little.  We see her do things that make us cringe and we have moments where we cry inside for her and her plight.

As with Claire, all of the characters in the book are fashioned with a combination of characteristics that allow everyone to see some of themselves.  Zombie Seed doesn’t have traditional heroes or villains, it simply has people, some breathing and some not, trying to make a space for themselves in this new world.  This is one of the many components that set this story apart.

I’ve also chosen to play with the idea of fast zombies and slow zombies being mixed together and the element of intelligence. Ultimately it is much more difficult in this book to draw a clear line between the living and the undead. Both have a mission in mind and both are willing to do almost anything to complete it.

Zombie Seed is the middle of a journey and in my opinion, the best place to start it.  There was much that came before and there is much that will come after.  While it was written to be enjoyable for people who are and are not zombie lover alike, it is not for everyone. This ride is not for the faint or prudish and is designed to turn everything that you’re used to in the genre, on its head.

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