Guest Post: Eric A. Shelman #SummerofZombie

Zombies.  Where do we draw the line? – By Eric A. Shelman

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There are a ton of movies and television shows jumping onto the zombie gravy train, and I have mixed emotions about them.

The latest, I, Zombie, is about a girl who works in the medical examiner’s office and is kind of a zombie.  Well, scratch that … she’s a zombie, but she only drops into full zombie mode when things begin to go haywire around her, and she always manages to get out of it before killing someone.


Not a zombie.   So maybe you can explain why I still kind of like the show.  It’s a goddamned violation of all that is unholy – the shambling, flesh & brain-craving walking dead human that could no more forgo a meal of human flesh any more than a Rottweiler would pass on a juicy steak – has been made into someone more … human.   Fuck that.  We’ve seen plenty of humans who maintain themselves until they have to hurt someone – like Dexter.  The girl in I, Zombie is almost more of a Dr. Jekyll, occasionally becoming Mr. Hyde.

 Again, I still dig some of the movies, like Fido, where Billy Connolly plays a full-fledged zombie who is controlled by an electronic collar that domesticates him.  This movie has a way better premise, though – it’s set in a 1950s world, and features a lonely housewife, a neglected son and a zombie that teaches them what love and companionship really is.   One of my favorite movies.

I also dug Warm Bodies – never read the book, though.  When love can make you human again – kind of a nice sentiment.  I thought it was funny, a bit poignant, and it did have it’s tension-filled scary parts.

As for the shows and movies doing it a bit differently, it’s true that a full-blown zombie apocalypse movie or television show would require a ton of extras, like The Walking Dead.  Very high production costs, makeup costs, etc.  Sure is much easier just to goth out a couple of people and say they’re zombies, while the rest of humanity goes about their business unaware.

 I suppose I worry that you, the zombie lover, are going to begin to feel let down; maybe even grow sick of zombies because they’ve been exploited.  Remember the Sprint commercial?   I thought that was hilarious at first, but by the 120th time I saw it, I was sick of it.  That didn’t stop me from saying “I’m a zombie!” out of the blue for a few months.

Where does the variation on the zombie theme lose you?   Did I do it in Dead Hunger with my eye vapor and the red-eyes and the smarter, pregnant zombies?   The telepathic powers?  Control of the dumb, flesh-eating masses?  I tried to have fun with my Dead Hunger series and bring you something different, and I believe I did.  Most who read that first book are intrigued enough to pick up the second book.   Maybe they’re only doing it to see if I ever explain how Gem got hold of an Uzi when she first encounters Flex.

Anyway.  All that aside, I will write book #9 in the Dead Hunger series, and that will be it.   Don’t worry though.  I have a 25,000 word story that tells Tony Mallette’s history coming out in an anthology called Z Resurrected, where the authors are all instructed to write a story featuring a resurrected character from our zombie series.   The other authors included are Mark Tufo, Joe McKinney, TM Williams, Dana Fredsti and Tom Leveen.

Stories were to be submitted by May of 2015, so it should come out within a couple of months after.  I can’t wait to read the other authors’ stories.  Be sure to look for it.

Well, thanks for hanging out with us for the Summer Of Zombie Blog Tour 2015.  I think we’re all having fun.  Nothing I’d rather be doing than hangin’ with you guys.   Thanks for all the support and feedback, and keep on reviewing those books.  We count on you.

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