Guest Post: Mike Evans #SummerofZombie

By Your Side

Mike Evans

Who do you expect to stand by your side in the start of the zombie apocalypse, when it all starts when hell is unleashed on society, when the crazy starts the anarchy rises? I know until recently my thought process has been on what I see in the mirror. What I see when I go to work, and I feel guilty about it, making assumptions about people, about a large portion of America. As a writer it’s my job to think outside of the box, but going off of mainstream media whether it be television or books bother elated to zombies I have not been as original as I might have needed to be to say that I am really pushing things to the limit, to the brink of sanity. What am I talking about? I am talking about the handicapped, the wounded, those with special needs. When can you say that you as a person one that is considered normal and healthy one that you wouldn’t consider telling your children not to stare at because its rude for some reason to look at someone with a disability. Because for some reason treating them as though they do not exist is what is acceptable. It makes me sick to my stomach and I can’t say that I am not completely guilty of it. I have scolded my own children for staring at a girl with braces, for one pushing a wheelchair, and why? Because that is the way that it has always been unfortunately.

So when you start to consider the zombie apocalypse and who you see, who do you imagine will survive, I have to ask you to think outside of the box. That people with special needs, that people will not be thinned out because of their special needs, their disability, their race or their sexual preference. The thinning out of a set percentage of people very well will be the ones that are saving your life, and keeping you moving on a daily basis. There is nothing about the apocalypse that means we as what America is basing its thought process of normal off of that means we will survive, that we won’t be a target.

I think those you choose not to look at would make it. I know that there and plenty of soldiers and vets young and old who are twice the man that I am. Those that have seen hell and came home from it. They might not have come back with the limbs that they have left with but they came back because they wanted to live and they know how to fight and how to survive.

You say so those with physical disabilities would survive but thousands upon thousands of Americans both young and old who participate and train for special Olympics and could easily kick my ass in a race ten out of ten times. There are weight lifters who could flip a Cadillac if it was in their way.

So when you think of the ones you are going to be looking at for help for those that you don’t choose to acknowledge for fear of being caught making eye contact, the next time say hello it might be the thing that ends up saving you when the dead decide to rise.

Mike Evans lives in Iowa with his wife and children. He writes for character depth because he wishes for you to love the character, regardless if they are the villain or the hero. He likes to write from a unique perspective, doing things with books that no one has done before. He keeps his characters realistic, there are no superhero like events that will happen. There are no perfect characters in his books, everyone has their flaws much like that of life.

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