Guest Post: Eric A. Shelman #SummerofZombie

I’m a guy who has loved monsters of all kinds since I was a little kid, so I often wonder why readers would limit themselves to a diet of only zombie apocalypse novels.  It’s not a slam, because clearly I love writing zombie fiction; it’s just interesting to me that someone who is a voracious reader could have such a narrow reading focus.

I suppose the very question tells you that I do write other than zombie novels, and sometimes, when I’m fully intending to write a new one, I have all these freaky ideas pop into my head … often leading me away from the traditional, shambling, human-turned-walking dead, zombie.

Don’t get me wrong; you are one dedicated, crazy-ass group of zombie-lovin’ readers, and you are so greatly appreciated, it’s not funny.  My question to you is this:  Was your migration to this exclusive genre of literature immediate or gradual?  If zombie novels are about the survivors more than the zombies, what is it about the whole scenario that makes you so eager to read the next book from that next author entering the field?  I mean, there are survivors in every apocalyptic tale – and they become your heroes.   Must you have walking dead folks trippin’ down the avenue to warm the cockles of your shriveled hearts?

EMPs.  Nuclear disasters.  Alien invasions.  All of these threaten to destroy mankind … but man.  When it’s mankind that changes and threatens mankind (okay, PCers, humankind!) that’s when it really gets good.

So besides zombies, what IS the next big thing?   What really excites you besides the shambling dead?  Zombies may be first in your reading list, but is there a close second for some of you?  If so, what?

The books I’ve loved to read since I first got into horror are wide-ranging.  I was always a fan of horror tales.  When I was a little kid, there was a show called Thriller that came on around midnight, I think.  Great horror stories.  We also had Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and so many really cool shows designed to freak you out.

I was also into horror movies, of course, but when I started to get into reading horror books, one of my early favorites was released around 1981, called Wolfen, by Whitley Streiber.   Let me tell you … this book scared the holy hell out of me, and I LOVED it.  I recommended it to others and they loved it, too.   It was so unique, and I could picture every scene in my head.  That’s one reason why, when the movie came out, I was so damned disappointed.

  1. Paul Wilson’s book, The Keep, was another book that I loved like crazy. Scared me good. James Herbert’s Lair was another of my favorites.   I eventually got into Stephen King and The Stand became my favorite book of all time.  This was a good versus evil story with a worldwide apocalypse going on at the same time, and it had every element of fantastic horror that I could ever beg for.   No zombies, though.  (I did love Stephen King’s Cell.  There.  I said it.  Even the ending.)

For all the reasons above, I absolutely still read the established authors that I’ve loved for years, such as Dean Koontz and Stephen King.  Others that I’ve read for a long time are guys like Robert Ludlum (dead), Clive Cussler and Ken Follett, who really can weave a hell of a tale.   I’ll still dig into a Grisham novel, too.   I think reading all of these guys makes me a better writer.  They’re just so damned good.

So please comment below and let me know what ghoul or freak, killer or monster YOU would like me to write about.  Your ideas would actually be cool.  See if you can throw me a concept or two and I’ll toss them around in my twisted mind and see if something comes to me.

And thanks again for checking out the Summer Of Zombie Blog Tour 2015.   This really is a fun bunch of authors and I’m so honored to be included in their numbers.

And I’m really honored to be included in YOUR reading list.

Thank you.  You buncha freaks.

 Shelman Author Pic

*   *   *   *   *

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Eric A. Shelman #SummerofZombie

  1. Wow…we sure have a lot in common in our reading. I read and love all the authors you mentioned plus I love Tom Clancy and other spy novels. I started loving zombie novels back in the day after watching “Night of the Living Dead”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “Day of the Dead” etc. I have also always loved horror movies and still love a good scare which unfortunately doesn’t happen often. I of course really started getting into zombie novels after ” The Walking Dead” premiered….lol.. I’m now reading “Zoo” by James Patterson which has really got my interest peaked.
    As for coming up with an idea for something I’d like you to write about, I’m drawing a blank but I know anything you write in the future will be as entertaining as everything you’ve written so far. Keep up the great writing and I’m really looking forward to your next book…


  2. Eric, I loved horror movies since I was a little kid. I grew up watching the outer limits, twilight zone and Chiller oh and don’t forget Creature Feature. My favorite horror writers are Stephen King, Dean Koontz and John Saul. I got into Zombie movies when I started watching Night of the living dead and Dawn of the dead. The first zombie book I actually read was World War Z. Then I discovered Mark Tufo and You. I’ve read every book Mark and you have written. Including your non-zombie books . Maybe a good idea for a book is something to do with time travel , oh wait you already did that, LOL … I actually started writing a story about 30 years ago just the first draft , it’s probably not very good, I changed the characters names halfway through the story never finished it. It had something to do with spirits . Still have the story probably should burn it one day LOL .
    Well anything you write is going to be great, looking forward to all your future books .


    • Gerald, you’re a great friend and fan, bud. I really appreciate the input, and knowing we used to watch the same great old shows. Take care man.


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