Guest Post: Armand Rosamilia #SummerofZombie

Same Songs, Different Stories

Years ago I wrote a long-winded comedic book about my experiences as a shoe salesman. It was fiction although way too much of it was autobiographical. It must be about 20 years ago I pounded away on my Brother word processor and finished it in about 2 weeks.

I literally did nothing but write the novel. It was awful, I’m sure.

Back then I had no clue what I was doing (I could make the same argument now, of course…) and just wrote. And wrote. I’d come home from work and immediately start typing, no care about sentence structure or anything else. It was fun and cathartic and I never had any intention of doing anything with it. Hell, I couldn’t in 1995 if I tried. I had no real clue except for short story markets.

I was going through a rough patch and needed to write. I also needed music to get me through the lonely nights by myself and my writing.

Dramarama was the band for me.

Never heard of them? Here is the Dramarama Facebook page even though they’ve been around before even MySpace was a thing… you might have even heard their only semi-hit, “Anything, Anything” (which is still my favorite song of all-time, by the way). They were the greatest New Jersey band that never made it as far as the rest of the world was concerned, and that is a shame.

I blasted all of their CD’s as I wrote and it put me in the perfect mood to write.

In the last 20 years I’ve gone back to this well many times and it has always worked when I’m not feeling it. When I’d rather be sleeping or watching TV or reading than writing.

I wrote most of Highway To Hell listening to Dramarama. I wrote almost every word of Dying Days 2 watching their videos on Youtube, too. My CD’s are all long gone in this computer age, although I had them all on my hard drive on my desk top computer up until last year.

Today, as I write this, I’ve just completed a whirlwind writing marathon over the last week. 30,000 words in 6 days on a novel on a tight deadline. The last 5 days my wife has been helping me but today she was back to work, so i pressed on to finish it myself. I wasted the morning playing on Facebook and listening to music instead of writing.

Then I saw a Dramarama video and got serious, killing my word count in less than 3 hours and wrapping up the book a day early. All I needed was the proper mindset and some old friendly songs to get me through…


*   *   *   *   *

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