Guest Post: Jaime Johnesee #SummerofZombie

I write this post for all those who have asked me if I think the “zombie craze” is over. I’ve been an avid zombie fan since I was a young kid. From Seabrook’s “The Magic Island” –and the movie based on it, “White Zombie”– to Romero’s redefinition of the monster, I love them all. The history of the creature is one that captivated and enchanted me from the age of nine.

Today zombies exist in so many different ways. Fast or slow, Romero type or voodoo, radiation or virus, sentient or vacant, humorous or terrifying each and every subgenre is covered. From Tonia Brown’s gripping zombie western “Skin Trade” to Jeffrey Kosh’s lush gothic tale “Revenant” there is a zombie tale for any reader.

Zompoc (Zombie Apocalypse) books like Mark Tufo’s addictive “Zombie Fallout” series, Maberry’s spectacular “Rot & Ruin” series, Armand Rosamilia’s engrossing “Dying Days” series, and Shawn Chesser’s engaging “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” series have kept the zombie genre relevant and interesting.

It is a great time to be a zombie fan. There are so many subgenres it’s downright awesome. Christine Verstraete’s “Girl Z” series puts the zombie in the forefront as a character. She offers a new take on zombies that I find especially interesting as I’m a fan of Zomedy aka ZomCom. If you’re not a fan of comedy or dystopian type zombie stories check out Dierdre Gould’s novel “After the Cure”. It’s about rebuilding society after the Z-pocalypse is over.

There really is something for everyone out there and I highly recommend trying all of it. Then again, I’m a fan of the monster itself in all of its incarnations. I even know a few folks that make their living off being zombies. They served as inspiration for my own zomedy series.

Zombies are out there in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. If you find yourself thinking you don’t like zombies try another subgenre before giving up on the creature altogether. You will no doubt find a style that suits you if you keep looking.


Jaime Johnesee is a mother, author, wife, and zoologist who loves zomedy. More about Jaime and her books can be found on her website at  Facebook at and on Twitter at

Jaime blue straight hair

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