Guest Post: Claire C. Riley #SummerofZombie

Why zompoc?

It’s not just the zombies that I like so much, but the apocalyptic world that they choose to roam freely in. Not the death and destruction that they reap, but the life that they are filled with. Or at least, was once filled with.

Why zombies? Because the possibilities are endless, that’s why.

Because zombies open up new worlds to us. If the dead can walk, then what else is out there? What other horrors can exist? Anything. Absolutely anything!

I write about zombies, the perfect and most beautifully disgusting way that they rot. The way that they chase you mindlessly and endlessly through barren worlds and destroyed cities. I find them deeply fascinating, the very idea that the dead could get up and walk about. And hey, even zombies deserve a little love.

Most people that don’t read zompoc believe that all zombie stories are the same. Mindless monsters chasing after humans to eat their brains. They’re gory and bloody and violent stories and nothing more than that. But that’s ridiculous in my opinion. That’s like saying all dystopian books are the same, when in reality there are literally thousands of upon thousands of different scenarios for dystopian worlds. Or all horror books are the same and there’s only one type of monster and he lives under your bed, eats your socks and is called Pricilla (FYI. He’s actually called Dave and he bites your toes off when you sleep!)

Anyone who reads zompoc will tell you that most of the really good books aren’t even about the zombies, they’re merely the backdrop for the plot. Because zompoc is all about the people—both alive and dead of course. It’s about settings and character development, carving and weaving a tale where people are put under the most stressful situations you could ever imagine being in and then seeing what happens when you stir that pot of hell up for them.

It’s about choices, decisions, morality and who you really are deep down.

Zompoc isn’t just about zombies anymore than science fiction is just about aliens.

Sure there’s gore and blood, (can’t have zombies without a rotting corpse) but for the most part, it’s about questioning yourself and your own judgement. That’s what’s so enjoyable. It’s like reading one of those books you had as a kid where you got to choose the outcome at the end of each chapter. Turn to page 203 if you want Barry to run after the zombie and try to kill it, or turn to page 89 if you want Barry to hide like the little pansy girl that he is. (FYI. Barry died a painful and brutal death for being a little bitch and not double tapping)

Anyone that reads zompoc, reads it and makes their own choices as they go along, whether consciously or subconsciously. They’re addictive, they’re competitive—who would live the longest? (FYI. Me) They’re interesting, they can be funny, they’re gory, they have real emotions—whether writing about the hard hitting ex-army dude who’s fighting to get back to his wife and kid, or the single white female that’s been through hell and isn’t going to take anymore shit from life. Each character makes different choices, and it’s interesting as hell to see what those choices will be. Because that’s what real life is about (minus the actual zombies of course) Your choices, your morality, and your decisions.

We read zompoc to get away from real life, and yet really, we’re closer to real life when reading them than you would think.

Claire C. Riley

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