Guest Post: Stevie Kopas #SummerofZombie

A common moral dilemma present in all zombie fiction is what to do with loved ones when they have been bitten, or when they have already turned.  Most of the time, the story creators have shrouded outbreak origins in mystery, leaving characters emotionally distraught and confused, with hope that there will be a fix-all cure one day and that their loved ones will return to their former selves.  Or better yet, some people just can’t accept that the world has been turned inside out and that their loved ones are gone forever.

But what if there was a cure for those that had been bitten?  For example, in the popular video game franchise, Dead Rising, a miracle cure has been created called Zombrex.  With a daily dose, any infected human being can evade the inevitable and continue to live a normal life.  Though how normal would life actually be?  Every day, your loved one would wake up knowing that coursing through their veins was an infectious disease so dangerous that it could potentially cause the end of the world.  Not only does that burden weigh on this particular person every single day, but the rest of the human race must deal with the fact that at any given time, there are people walking around that could change the fate of the world… and not for the better.

That’s where we then must consider the ever-popular trope, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”  At risk of sounding like a heartless jerk, I’m going to have to say that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, where the human race has the chance to take back the world from the undead, a “cure” just wouldn’t be good enough for me.

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to save loved ones from passing the point of no return?  It sounds incredible, but what happens when that same loved one misses a dose or can no longer afford it, and now they’re a blood-thirsty undead cannibal?  The vicious cycle starts all over again as my loved one turns, bites me, and so on and so forth; and as with all things zombie, there’s never an isolated incident.  So now you have all these pockets of miniature zombie outbreaks all over the place and damn, just like in Dead Rising, the zombies are threatening the world once again.

So the morality of “these are people, not zombies” should be rethought of as “these are people, but they will be zombies”.  Quarantine and separation only work for so long, same with that miracle cure.  Because yeah, our governments and militaries might be able to control these new pockets of infection, but at what cost?  The same thing we tried to avoid to begin with, death.

In conclusion, I really think all aspects of a theoretical zombie apocalypse suck.  Not just because oh, ya know, the dead are coming back to life and trying to eat everyone, but because no matter what happens, at the end of the day, everybody suffers the loss of something.

And if the human race has the opportunity to eradicate the zombie virus, then all zombies must die.

Stevie Kopas - Summer of Zombie 2015


Stevie Kopas was born and raised in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.  She currently resides in sunny Florida and will never turn down a cup of coffee, or, depending on the time of day, a glass of red wine.  She is the author of The Breadwinner Trilogy and other short stories that can be found in the charity horror anthology, At Hell’s Gates.  Stevie is currently working on her next novel, Earth to Millie, and is also the managing editor of the awesome horror and metal site,  She is an avid gamer, obsessed with time travel, and lover of all things apocalypse.  She hopes to come back in her next life as a CL4P-TP, or, Claptrap for short.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Stevie Kopas #SummerofZombie

  1. As It is, in America, we have eradicated diseases returning. Why? Because some people thought it wise not vaccinate their children. Those children are now contaminating other children…. to risk that with the undead? No thanks. That’s a situation where you become a fan of only one method of containment… the double tap. 🙂


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