Guest Post: Jessica Robinson #SummerofZombie

Monster Phases


By Jessica Robinson

I was watching The Big Bang Theory ( recently, and while Howard, Raj, and Stuart were sitting around playing video games, they were talking about how zombies are everywhere at the moment.  They then commented that before that it was vampires, and they wondered what the next popular monster was going to be.

I couldn’t help but smile as they had this conversation.  It’s so true.  Monsters come in and out in phases.  Zombies are definitely making a comeback, and I’m sure it has a lot to do with The Walking Dead ( TV series.  World War Z ( also played a role in that, and I’m sure Maggie ( will help further the genre.

I’m not complaining about that.  I’m a huge zombie fan, and I love that they are back in style.  However, even when they phase out, I’m still going to enjoy them.  For most zombie fans, I don’t think it really matters if the creatures are popular or not, they like them whenever/wherever.

But it got me to thinking:  what is the next monster going to be?  Vampires were popular for a while, then vampires and werewolves, and then werewolves to a bit lesser of an extent.  None of these have disappeared from our repertoire completely, but we aren’t inundated with them constantly.

The characters on the TV show suggested that there hasn’t been a good Invisible Man recently, but I wrinkled my nose at that prospect.  Has there really ever been a good Invisible Man?  I remember a few films with him in it, but I don’t recall that he ever reached the popularity of the other monsters.  But maybe that’s just because I didn’t pay that much attention.

There’s been a trend of possession films and ghosts recently.  I could see those coming back, especially with the remake of Poltergeist (  Ghosts and the Invisible Man could probably go into the same category since they are fairly close to the same thing.

There’s also a rumor that The Creature from the Black Lagoon is being remade (, so maybe that means Creature Features will make a comeback.  I would be OK with that.  I really enjoy Creature Features.  One of my all-time faves is The Thing (the remake from 1982 with Kurt Russell ( is the best, but the original wasn’t bad (

It’s so hard to say how these trends will go and what will be popular.  As I said, I’m just really happy that zombies happen to be the popular creature at the moment.

What do you think the next trend will be?

*   *   *   *   *

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