Spotlight On: Saul Tanpepper #SummerofZombie

Summer of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: Saul Tanpepper


What is your latest zombie release?

Contain (BUNKER 12 series)


Quick description of it (no spoilers)

Requiring no more than the slightest skin-to-skin contact, the Flense has spread with ruthless speed and stealth, decimating mankind before it can even react to the threat. The infected become terrifying soulless creatures known as Wraiths, which wreak destruction upon anyone and anything standing in their path.

Quarantined within ten isolated bunkers are mankind’s last survivors, all working desperately to unravel the mystery of the scourge, including Finnian Bolles, whose home for the past three years has been the sprawling hydroelectric complex known as Bunker 8. But the structures were never meant to protect forever. In fact, when a stranger suddenly appears outside their door and delivers a cryptic message, it seems they were never meant to protect at all. The secret to their salvation now requires them to leave their sanctuary and find a mythical twelfth bunker they know nothing about.

Something unique about it.

From a thematic perspective, the series delves into that gray area between the biological and the metaphysical realms of consciousness, but does so with a modern technological twist, making this a wholly new kind of zombie story. Many of the classic monster tropes are still present and easily recognizable, but the basis for the scourge will hopefully be one the reader has never seen before. Structurally, a second companion series called The Flense, will be published concurrently and will follow the events preceding the apocalypse.

Links for people to purchase it.

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Your short Bio.

SAUL TANPEPPER is the creator of the epic zombie series, GAMELAND. A former army medic, PhD molecular biologist, and biotechnology entrepreneur, he now writes speculative fiction full time. He currently resides in California’s Silicon Valley with his wife of more than twenty years, two children, two Barbados sheep, and several dozen chickens. He is the author of over forty titles including twelve novels and the story collections Insomnia: Paranormal Tales, Science Fiction, & Horror and Shorting the Undead: a Menagerie of Macabre Mini-Fiction. Please visit his website to learn more.

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