Spotlight On: Eric A. Shelman #SummerofZombie

Summer of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON:

 This really hurts.  Mainly because I was supposed to be f’ing famous by now, and just by reading a few lines, you’d know.  Whatever.  If you haven’t heard of me yet, you’re not digging hard enough.  I’m

Eric A. Shelman. 

  Shelman Author Pic

What is your latest zombie release? 

My latest zombie release is Dead Hunger VIII: Peace, Love & Zombies, starring the always stoned, Nelson Moore.

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Quick description of it (no spoilers)

It’s book 8 of my Dead Hunger series, and this book chronicles the outset of the apocalypse that begins in June of 2011 and cruises through 8 novels (so far) to end up in 2028.  Yeah.  It’s freakin’ epic.  Nelson is a stoner, but he’s also pretty damned deep.  He’s an environmentalist in a world of rotting zombies; he can’t put away the scooter because it doesn’t pollute, and he is a pacifist, so he invented his own form of martial arts called “Subdudo.”  This is a method of subduing his opponents using a form of Judo, but it doesn’t hurt them.  Oh, he can turn it around and make it painful if he wants, but … that’s not Nel.  He doesn’t confuse zombies with living people though.  He’ll kick the shit outta them.    Anyway, it’s his journey from New York City to Concord, New Hampshire – with a slight detour along the way to help out some new and old friends.

Something unique about it.

Jeez.  Didn’t I just spell that out for you?   It might be harder for me to tell you something that isn’t unique about it.

Links for people to purchase it. (for autographed copies)


Your promo links.

Your short Bio.

Eric lives in southwest Florida with his wife of thirty years, Linda.  He’s been writing since his teens, and published his first book in 1999.   He wrote his first novel in 2000 and shelved it.  Then he began a second and got confused and quit halfway in.   Then he went into a writer’s coma for a dozen years before becoming excited about the zombie genre and deciding to pen the first Dead Hunger.   Seven more followed, with one more to go.   In the middle of all that, he wrote Shifting Fears, The Camera: Bloodthirst, he found, fixed and released A Reason To Kill, found and finished Generation Evil, and he’s contributed stories to ATZ: The Gathering Horde, Middletown Apocalypse and Z Resurrected.   He’s now working on his latest, entitled Scabs: The Gemini Exception.   Find him on Facebook and friend him or like his author page – if he ever meets you, he’ll give you a big hug.  If you’re a man, he’ll man hug you.  No worries.   Seriously.   😉

*   *   *   *   *

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