Timothy W. Long – Summer of Zombie 2015

Meet one of the many zombie authors on the #SummerofZombie blog tour (coming June 1st and running all month!)

Tim Bio pic

Tim has been writing tales and stories since he could hold a crayon and has read enough books to choke a landfill. Tim has a fascination with all things zombie, a predilection for weird literature, and a deep-seated need to jot words on paper and thrust them at people.

Tim is the the author of 9 novels including the bestselling, AMONG THE LIVING, and the sequel AMONG THE DEAD. His other works include the zombie book BEYOND THE BARRIERS and the deserted island ‘zombedy’ THE ZOMBIE WILSON DIARIES, and his latest, the Z-RISEN series of military styled zombie books.

Tim resides outside of Seattle where he spends time with his partner in crime, Amanda, as well as 2 children, 2 dogs of various sizes and dispositions, and a near constant supply of overpriced and overcooked coffee beans.

Tim can be found tooling around his website at HTTP://Z-RISEN.COM.

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C.A. Verstraete – Summer of Zombie 2015

Meet one of the many zombie authors on the #SummerofZombie blog tour (coming June 1st and running all month!)


Christine (C.A.) Verstraete is an award-winning author and journalist from Wisconsin.

Not your typical zombie story… GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie… *** NEWS! WINNER!! 2014 Lovey Award for Best Paranormal- Sci Fi – Love is Murder Mystery Conference (Feb. 2014) – Named the Young Adult Winner in the 2013 HALLOWEEN BOOK FESTIVAL contest! ***

Life can suck when you’re 16. It can suck even worse when you’re not-quite-dead….. It’s YA zombie with a little romance – and zombies – humor – and zombies – a touch of mystery and… well, you get it. See synopsis at website, http://cverstraete.com. (Blog linked here is GirlZombieAuthors, http://girlzombieauthors.blogspot.com)

Her short stories have been published in anthologies including – new story, The Songbird’s Search in Athena’s Daughters. Stories published also in Darlings of Decay and The Tall Book of Zombie Shorts. Other stories have been published in Hot & Steamy: Tales of Steampunk Romance, Steampunk’d and Timeshares (DAW Books). Her story “Perfect Timing” appeared in The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories, with works by 14 other authors, in June 2012.

A longtime horror fan, she also enjoys writing short fiction with a touch of the macabre, including the eBooks, The Killer Valentine Ball and Motherly Love.

She also is author of an award-winning children’s book, Searching for a Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery, for ages 9 and up. (#1 Kindle book for miniatures; 2009 EPPIE Award finalist for ebook.) Available in Kindle, eBook, and print.

When she’s not writing (when is that?), Christine also enjoys creating in miniature. She is author of IN MINIATURE STYLE II, with over 40 how-to projects, profiles and photos, featuring the work of talented miniaturists and IGMA artisans. Available in print, eBook, and other formats,including for Kindle.

See details on her books and collection at her website, http://cverstraete.com or her blogs, http://girlzombieauthors.blogspot.com and http://candidcanine.blogspot.com.