Eric A. Shelman – Summer of Zombie 2015

Meet one of the many zombie authors on the #SummerofZombie blog tour (coming June 1st and running all month!)

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Eric lives in southwest Florida with his wife of almost 29 years, Linda.  He’s a writing hack who loves everything about the process, from concept to reading reviews, and among the authors using “From the twisted mind of …” he can’t claim he was the first, but he sure wasn’t the latest!  Check out his Dead Hunger series, The Camera: Bloodthirst, Generation Evil, Shifting Fears, A Reason to Kill, and his newest work-in-progress, Scabs.

Greg Ferrell – Summer of Zombie 2015

Meet one of the many zombie authors on the #SummerofZombie blog tour (coming June 1st and running all month!)

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Greg P. Ferrell currently lives in Tallahassee with his wife Samantha of 19 years and his 3 children Casey, Zoey and Bryce.

Aside from being an avid outdoor lover he has always had a passion for storytelling. Every year at his kid’s birthday parties he would sit around a bonfire and entertain his children and their guests for hours telling fantastic story after story. If it was near Halloween he would tell scary ghost or monster stories, if it was camping he would tell stories about the woods and make up creatures based loosely on previous monsters of myth to send the kids off to their tents jumping at every twig that would snap. Regardless of how scary they were the kids always came back for more and every year more kids would show up at the parties to hear more of his tales. Sometimes his tales were fantasy related and would get the kids to look at something common around them in a new light. No matter what the subject or time of year he could always come up with something to entertain his guest.

Growing up he lived a life of constant change moving from place to place and not settling down until his high school years. Always being the new kid in school taught him how to be outgoing and able to make new friends everywhere he went. Never one to join a clique he kept himself open to hanging with every different group in school. He could stand around and talk sports with the jocks just as easily as engage someone about a fight between the Hulk and Superman. (Hulk is strongest there is). These traits he learned helped him fit in no matter where he ended up. If you ever have the chance to meet him he will always be eager to strike up a conversation and chat no matter what the topic.

After high school he went into the working world foregoing college until he could figure out what he wanted to be when and if he ever grew up. When life decided to send him his biggest challenge, making him a dad he settled into the beverage industry becoming an account manager with three different companies and put his social skills to use with his customers and entertaining them over the years becoming good friends with some of them and his co workers. After 16 years in the beverage industry he finally sat down and started to put some of his stories to paper. He has found a new love in the art of storytelling and draws upon his many loves in his life to inject as much as he can into the stories. Be it his love of sci-fi and fantasy, comic books, sports or the many thousands of hours of movies he has watched he pulls from all of them to craft his stories to appeal to everyone. In the process of writing his stories he has come to truly love the time he puts into each one. He constantly tells everyone who asks him how his authoring career is going. “I’m not an author, I’m a storyteller.” Even though seeing his name on the cover of his first book changed that fact he will continue to always be a storyteller in his own mind.

“If you do what you love to do for a living, you will never truly work a day in your life.” Greg P. Ferrell