PRESS RELEASE: State of Horror: Louisiana Two Volume Author List

State of Horror: Louisiana – two volumes with two new “Dying Days” short stories! #dyingdays

Charon Coin Press

August 2014 saw the release of the first two State of Horror anthologies. State of Horror: New Jersey and State of Horror: Illinois.  Each book contained 13 tales of terror from their respective states.  Why two books at once? Simply, one, State of Horror: New Jersey was a previously released book with six of the thirteen stories revamped for re-release, and State of Horror: Illinois was a brand new set of stories in a state not covered.  With the next installment of the series set to be released in very early in 2015, Charon Coin Press decided to do something a little different.

Did you see? State of Horror: Louisiana – Double the Scare

State of Horror: Louisiana not only will be released the beginning of 2015, but will also be a two volume set.  State of Horror: Louisiana was a previously released book with seven stories.  Like State…

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PRESS RELEASE: State of Horror: North Carolina Author List

Another new “Dying Days” story released soon! #dyingdays

Charon Coin Press

The next release in the State of Horror anthology series will be State of Horror: North Carolina set for release January 2015.  State of Horror: North Carolina, like State of Horror: Illinois is a completely new state.  All thirteen stories are original stories for the anthology and have not been released before.

The selection process was trying for me because I could only take 13 stories and I had some great stories to choose from.  I believe the stories selected have a lot to offer and will make for a wickedly scary book. It is exciting to be working with this group of authors.  Some authors make appearances in other State of Horror books and some are making their first appearance in the State of Horror family.  It was really fun for me to see these authors’ takes on the state of North Carolina.  I really believe readers will…

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