“Dying Days: Origins 2” Presale until November 11th #dyingdays


Because I’m really nice and I can do whatever I want (I’m a delight to be around!), I’ve put the next Dying Days release, Dying Days: Origins 2, up for pre-sale on Amazon for the ridiculously low price of 99 cents. 

But it will only be this fantastic price until the release date of November 11th 2014… then it will go to the regularly scheduled price of $2.99. So it would make sense to spend less than a buck (a penny less but still less) and get it while its hot. 

And for every 10,000 pre-sales I will be giving away a live gerbil… as an added bonus!*



The prequel tale to David Monsour, featured in Dying Days 2 zombie novella as well as short stories set in the Dying Days world.

Includes two bonus short stories as well! Plus author’s notes

*Total lie. Who the hell wants a gerbil anyway?

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New interview chatting about the upcoming Dying Days: Origins 2 release!