The Ties that Bind: State of Horror and Dying Days

Dying Days and State of Horror Together

Charon Coin Press

Recently I was lucky enough to interview both Armand Rosamilia and Jerry Benns about not only the release of State of Horror: New Jersey and State of Horror: Illinois, but also the future for the State of Horror Anthologies.  Armand Rosamilia is the State of Horror anthology creator, and the successful author of the Dying Days series, Flagler Beach series, and many other titles including the upcoming novel Chelsea Avenue. Rosamilia previously published nine State of Horror anthologies before handing the reins over to author, editor, publisher Jerry Benns. Charon Coin Press was founded by Benns in 2014.

State of Horror releases The State of Horror anthology features a book from each state of the United States, with 13 tales of terror specific to that particular state. The stories contain aspects unique to each state whether the aspect is setting, folklore, haunted places, or the culture of the state.  The state…

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