Guest post: Writing Female Characters by horror writer Armand Rosamilia

Writing Female Characters – Right after “Dying Days 2” was released! #dyingdays #zombies

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Tonight’s guest blog post, on the topic of writing alternative gender is brought to you by horror novelist, short story author and guest blogger Armand Rosamilia.

Writing Female Characters (As A Male)

My latest release, Dying Days 2, is the third book I’ve had the pleasure of writing about Darlene Bobich. She’s witty, has a great sense of humor, is far from superhuman… she cries, she has panic attacks, she gets depressed and hides under the covers for three days. Yet, when her life is on the line she can put a bullet between your eyes without flinching. In short, she’s pretty normal.

I’ve written many flash fiction pieces, short stories, novellas and novels over the twenty-plus years, and looking back, I see that (especially in the first eighteen or so) 99% of my main characters have been male.

Only in the last two or three years…

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