“Dying Days 4” Coming Soon! #dyingdays


The first draft has been completed, and it came in at a whopping 54k, about twice as long as previous installments of the Dying Days series. There was just so much more story to tell this time around, and you’ll see many new and old characters in this one. 

The beta readers are busy chopping it up and spitting it back out for me, and my goal is a mid- to late-June release. More details will follow once I get the initial edits back and see how bad it really is, then it will be off to my editor, who will further attack me for using the wrong words and faking where I thought a semi-colon went. 

Expect the release to coincide with the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014 as well, where I’ll hang out with 25+ zombie authors and give you daily interviews, guest posts and teasers for all of our books. It will be a fun time. 

More details will follow!


Dying Days 4 Cover

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